Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dolla Make Me Holla

Today was my last shift as a full-time barista.

A few weeks ago I was hired at a call center where I'll be doing phone intakes for people needing childcare, eldercare, attorneys, & stuff like that. I'll have a cubicle. I'll get to wear real clothes. I'll be making....a decent amount more than I currently do.

It's weird. I've only ever had one other job that wasn't really related to being in food service & it was the only job I ever got fired from (which ended up forcing me to move back to NC, & 2 months later I was beginning my illustrious career as a barista).

If it wasn't for my job at Caribou, I wouldn't have gotten this. One of the girls who was a supervisor alongside me for most of last year left because she got a job at this call center. When I was becoming even more frustrated with my financial situation & the general toxicity of my store, I texted her (we've stayed in touch since she left in December) & she gave me the hookup. It also turns out that the guy interviewing me (who will also be my supervisor) graduated from the same college as me & we know some of the same people. It's fate. Or something.

I still plan on staying at Caribou part-time on the weekends for now. I don't want to quit. I would like to think I'm the exception to the rule & that I could use all of my experiences & tenure to move up the ladder there. But I also don't want to burn myself out, so we'll see how this plays out.