Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well, I finished my first semester of grad school. 2 A's & a B+ (damn you, Dr. Lopez). I also decided that I was not going to tolerate My Giant another semester so I got a room change. Granted, the only available room was the apartment directly next door, but I don't care. Hopefully this will help change my perspective on West Palm Beach.

Granted, there was a lot of drama getting me to that point. I went to Residence Life to get moved, then My Giant went to Residence Life to get me moved, they told him I had already been by, he was even worse for the next week, he let one of his friends move in (a very nice gentleman, despite working raves, specialty events, & fetish parties. And he left his angel costume in the living room. The angel costume consisted of big wings, a glowing chest plate, & furry stilts). Residence Life then told me the guy whose room I was taking had moved so I turned in my key. Turns out he hadn't moved, but luckily I had left my door cracked so I could still get in my apartment. Too bad My Giant didn't listen to my voicemail about leaving it cracked & then I was locked out for about an hour & a half while I hung out with the guy I was replacing. The morning I left My Giant said, "I can't believe you're leaving me in this apartment by myself." I responded, "Yeah, well."

Depending on what happens this semester, I may transfer to Colorado Christian University. I have more friends out in that area & I handle cold weather better than heat & humidity.

I am now currently at home in Rocky Mount, NC. This is the 1st time since 2006 we've had Christmas here. There is also a fat man & his incontinent dog staying with us. Said dog has pissed all over my room (including my bed) & my bedroom smells just lovely.

Monday, November 16, 2009


In a matter of days, I will be back in Toccoa, GA for Thanksgiving break. It'll be good to be around people I've known for longer than 3 months. I'm heading up there on Saturday or Friday night. I would be leaving on Thursday but I have to attend this seminar on battling unwanted same-sex attraction. If I skip it then it will count as a class skip, & I don't need that.

It's gonna suck though because this will be the first Thanksgiving without Mama (she died in April) & my mother isn't coming down either, so it's just going to be my dad & I. More than likely we'll end up going to a buffet instead of cooking.

I'm also going to be working at Applebee's when I'm there. There's apparently a lot of new people, so I need to show them how it's done when I'm there. And by that I mean I do what I want & they leave me alone.

Oh yeah, I'm installing Google Chrome right now.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Everyone is getting married & having babies & I'm basically stuck in the same spot I've always been. Out of 10 grandkids on my dad's side, I'm the only one single & the only one out of the "above 20" age group (though I'm the youngest of them) to not have a kid.

No pressure, though.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Before what happened in my last post...

Before we went out the other night, My Giant told me what the punishment was for the girl he decided it was ok for him to sleep with. She's getting punished by the school (& her dad) for sending nude pictures of herself online. He said she had to move out of her nice dorm & into another one, & was trying to figure out what word meant lowered status. I told him it was "demoted." He said it wasn't, & realized that the word he wanted to say was "depromoted."



I just stared at him a for a bit before saying, "That's what "demoted" means. And that's not a word."

After my last post...

So here is what happened after my last post...

I went out with My Giant & 2 of his basketball friends (who are both around 18 or 19). They were both wasted when they got here, so I knew nothing good could come from this. I drove separately because I knew I wasn't gonna handle much. My Giant & I were already snapping at each other before we left, & he kept pulling out in front of cars when I was following him. We ended up around the Applebee's I used to work at here, & we went into a bar (the other guys had fake I.D.'s). There wasn't many people there so My Giant asked the bartenders where there was anywhere else to go (Polite). Someone was giving him directions & I was texting, only to get snapped at by My Giant for not writing down the directions. Then he wanted me to lead this time because I had the directions, despite my saying I didn't want to drive & read at the same time. I argued with him for a little bit but decided to just go ahead.

I don't know where we ended up but whatever. They started talking to these random people in the parking lot about places to go, & the girl told us that the guys she was with were getting ready to fight because one of them had slept with the other one's ex-fiancee (Shades of my past in North Carolina & Georgia). The 2 fucktards told the girl they had guns under My Giant's seats, & I got tired of My Giant taking pictures with her & the guys acting like idiots so I went back to my car. I drove to where they were & My Giant told me that they had all made out with her for a quick second after I left. Classy.

We drove to a gas station to look up phone numbers of places. The shortest fucktard with us was acting like he was going to mug people & they were just acting like idiots. I went inside to apologize to the cashier (I had heard one of them made a joke about holding the place up). She & I trashed all 3 of them until My Giant came back inside. I told her goodbye & to have a good night & she said in her sassy black way, "Good night, baby!" My Giant decided we should go back closer to West Palm Beach (we were in Wellington, about 20 minutes away) & picked the road that we always take to get to Wal-Mart.

I lead us with my GPS & call My Giant to tell him that when we get to the road to pull in front of me so he can choose the place. As I'm turning towards the Wal-Mart direction of Belvedere (the road) he starts telling me I have the wrong Belvedere Rd. I assure him I don't. Then he tells me I'm going the wrong direction. I assure him I'm not. We go back & forth for a while about whether we are on the right road or going the right direction or not until I get sick of it & hang up on him. The 3 of them decide they want to go downtown & so we head to a bar that I went to the night I got so sick. We park & there is this car alarm going off with this big black lady sitting in it. The following exhange took place.

Fucktard 1: [My Giant], turn off your car alarm!
Fucktard 2: Yeah, especially since you're just sitting in it.
Fucktard 1: But I guess it's a surprise that you can even fit in there as fat as you are.
Big Black Lady: Fuck you!
Fucktard 1 (or 2): Fuck you!
Big Black Lady: *something I couldn't hear*
Fucktard 1 (or 2): *something about her being fat that I didn't hear everything of)
Big Black Lady: Why don't you go fuck a nigga?!
Fucktard 1: That's your job!

At this, I walk right back to my car & get in. My Giant asks me if I've had enough & I tell him I had. He says he doesn't blame me & wishes he could leave too but can't because he has to look out for his teammates. I tell him it sucks to be him & drive off.

He lets them both stay at our apartment that night & fills me in on what happened the next morning. Apparently the short one was really drunk (shocker) & was too aggressive with girls because he is angry that he's so short & was jealous that My Giant & Fucktard 2 were getting all of the attention. They were getting this attention because Fucktard 2 looks European & My Giant is tall & "has a goofy personality." I just stared at him. But My Giant found these 2 girls to make out with & went to church with them the next morning. I ran into all 3 at Panera the next morning (before I heard how the night ended) & was wondering why My Giant was dressed in his I Want Attention suit with 2 girls & a little boy. Apparently the main girl he was interested in has a boyfriend in New York.

I really am over this.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Going out

So, I'm getting ready to go clubbing with My Giant & 2 of his basketball friends. I don't know why, exactly. I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment. Not exactly sure what good I see coming from this. However, I will be driving separately so I can leave whenever I want to.

On another note, I decided to re-wash the dishes he washed of mine & go ahead & wash what he hadn't washed. I'm tired of starving myself on principle. Plus, I'm ready to start hiding the rest of my stuff :)

I need some more stuff going on in my life besides this fucktard.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh, My Giant

You can pretty much tell from the title that dis post is gonna be goooood. And honestly, I'm not concerned about formatting, spelling, grammar, & the like because I stayed up all night watching "Degrassi: The Next Generation" to numb the irritation of the evening, I have a job interview today, I have had 2 cold sores for the past 2 weeks, & I have a shit-ton of reading to do.

So, My Giant has been a pain in the ass. Be it him coming to my room, always gently rapping on my door & then coming in, talking at me about his day & all it entailed. Then he leaves. Occasionally he'll ask me how I'm doing. Then there's also the issue of him wanting to use my credit card in exchange for cash so he can buy protein powder online (I laughed at him & said no). And then there's the time he wouldn't stop harrassing me about giving him a shoulder massage & calling me a homophobe because I didn't want to. Then I finally did give him one until my fingers hurt. He followed that up by asking me if I would take some DVD's to the library for him since I was headed that way, while he ran over to the gym. I say it's fine, but when I get there, none other than My Giant is sitting next to the glass wall that separates the coffee shop & the library. Then while I'm checking out my book, he comes up behind me & puts me in a head lock (I told him to stop touching me).

Oh yeah, he also wants me to cash a check for him for $800 because he can't open a bank own here since his ex-wife left him in debt. How he thinks he'd be able to write me a check for that much & have it clear without actually having an account is beyond me. And probably beyond him, too. He also wants me to buy furniture with him, but I refuse since I basically live in my room & have no interest in furniture. The other morning he came in to wake me up so I could take him to the bank. I told him to leave me alone & went back to sleep.

I'm not even gonna touch on him talking to me about condoms. But I will say that I did give him a minor smackdown at his comments that I wasn't well endowed.

So, that brings us to last night. He comes to my room, talking at me about his day per usual, & asks me I need anything from Wal-Mart. I refused initially until I remembered that I did need some drinks, so we go & he begins telling me some long-winded story (somewhat like this one) & eventually ends up taking almost an hour & a half to tell because he keeps stopping. We get to Wal-Mart & immediately people start asking him how tall he is. He gives his patented, witty response of "6'14'" & I give an exasperrated sigh & say, "He's 7'2"." Like seriously, I have to feel bad for him because people are so rude to him, treating him like he's a freak (he is, but you still shouldn't do that).

He kept leaving the cart in the middle of the aisles & would walk off, blocking the way for other people to walk. I told him to stop (I was tired of moving it) & he said, "It's ok. No one is going to take it." Not shocked at the fact that he didn't get it, I said, "Yeah, it has nothing to do with that. It has to do with the fact that it's rude because it blocks the way for people to walk." Guess what. No response. At all. Like talking to a wall, My Giant. This happened quite a few times. Oh yeah, & every single time I would start talking about something that had nothing to do with him, he wouldn't respond. It was like I didn't even speak.

Then, we get to the check-out line. The girl was a bitch & thought my I.D. was fake (I bought some $4 wine. I gotta keep it classy) & I knew that with her attitude, My Giant, & my mood, we were in some trouble. She asked him how tall he was, he said his spiel, I told her the truth about how tall he was, & she asked him, "Why do you have to say it like that?" Yup, I knew trouble would occur. He said something along the lines of, "I dunno. I guess I just like to liven things up with people who having boring personalities." Shit. I can tell by the look on her face this isn't gonna go well. He gets ready to speak again & I snap at him, "STOP!" Awkward.

Clueless, he asked me what I was going as for Halloween. I told him I was gonna make a lame costume on purpose & he asked if I was going as myself. I said monotonely, "Oh, you're good." And to round up all of this, we ended the night by talking about his first blow job, that he got by a fat girl who was dating his best friend. And the best friend was there when it happened. I wish I could make this shit up.

On another topic (but kinda not), he hasn't washed the dishes in about a month & a half. To cover up the smell of rotting food he placed a garbage bag over the sink. I've had to move all my dishes that he didn't use & not wash to my closet. And my coffee maker is under my bathroom sink because he can't even use that correctly. If he hasn't washed the dishes by Monday, I'm going to Residence Life.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Do you ever wonder what the point in having expectations, hopes, & dreams could be? I do, because they always seem to fall short. I may succeed in the broad scheme of life, but in the little things, rarely.

Sorry this is whiny. I just wanted to throw that out there.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Arry Poatah (it's cockney)

As a teenager, I always felt that I was morally superior than most everyone else because I was not a "Harry Potter" fan. I watched the 1st 2 movies, felt "meh" about them, & laughed at people in their Hogwarts costumes. Then along came a little thing called "Twilight." And I was hooked.

However, I could still claim moral superiority because I was a fan before the movies came out. In fact, I was intruiged after I saw the 1st teaser trailer before "Prince Caspian." So I got the book a few weeks later & became obsessed. Completely obsessed. It was pathetic. But I still say I'm better than most people because I was a fan before the movie (or the dreadful "Breaking Dawn") came out.

All of this to say....I'm reading "Harry Potter." And I like it.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hot mess

So Friday I was blessed with the opportunity to drink in excess for the first time in a while. I generally handle my alcohol better than I did...dun dun dun!

We (Sarah, Jaclyn, & Mary from my classes) & some Random Guy Mary knows started off at City Place & got a trolley to Clematis St., which is where the debauchery takes place downtown. We went to this sea-themed restaurant & I got what was called a "Dark & Stormy," which contained ginger beer & rum. I wasn't impressed. We then went to some other place where I got a Long Island Iced Tea. I was feeling good as I do, & as we were gonna leave Random Guy brought us Kamikaze shots.

Here is where things take a turn. I hate shots. I mean, I despise them. They're too strong & I don't like having that much liquid in my mouth at once (that's what she said). The problem was I didn't want to be rude. And Sarah didn't finish her shot so I had a shot & 1/2.

I was still feeling ok, & we went to another bar. Sarah departed us, & the place we go to is crazy. We find a quieter place on a patio, & Jaclyn & I get Corona's. We just sit there, chillin', when I realize I must urinate. Jaclyn goes with me & I am unable to perform my urination. We go back, & I begin to feel super drunk & still have to pee, so Jaclyn goes back with me. I sit on a bench outside the bathroom feeling horrible. And then...AND THEN........

I puke on myself.

Poor Jaclyn goes to get me water & keeps me drinking that. Then I almost pass out on the bench. I get in a bathroom stall & puke more. Then these guys start yelling at me to hurry up. I stumble out & Jaclyn & I get a cab & leave Mary & Random Guy. I then.....

Puke on the poor cab driver's arm, on his magazines, & the floor of the cab.

Now on the plus side, I didn't puke anymore that night. On the negative side, I just puked on someone who is not my mother.

After moving to the front seat of the cab so I could stick my head out of the window, we're suddenly at my apartment & I stumble out & go lay down in front of the door. Jaclyn goes inside to get some Windex & paper towels & cleans the cab & pays. She then comes back & stays with me while I lay on the cement. Then she helped me back inside & stayed with me for a little while whilst I am draped over the toilet.

After she left, I just slept on the floor until about 5:00am, waking up every-so-often when my toilet would start running.

On the plus side, I didn't have to pee anymore, either. On the negative side, that's because I peed on myself sometime around 4:00am.

Sweet Lord, I'm a hot mess sometimes...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stupid Giant

My stupid Giant. So apparently he's been eating my food, on top of not cleaning any of his stuff. And he's put his silverware away so I guess he can use mine.

I swear, the last person I hated this much was that tub of lard I went to undergrad with who always lied about being raped.

And he's pursuing this girl who has a boyfriend in another country. When I asked him why he thought this was ok, he said his father has always told him if the person isn't married & made a covenant before God they're fair game.


She's been staying over some, & it makes it really awkward when I come out of my room in my underwear. She also washed our dishes (it was the first time his has been washed in about a month. Since the last time I washed them). She's a sweet girl & I hate that she's gotten herself tangled up with that asshole. I told my counselor here about the situation & she said that I need to report them for her spending the night, & I really just don't see how I can go through this semester without becoming a villain for calling him on his shit.

Oh yeah! And last night I had to explain to him what doing something on principle meant. And he also didn't know what the movie "Footloose" was. He was telling me the plot & when I asked if that's what it was, he sounded surprised & asked if it was a famous movie.

Jesus, keep me near you.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Sorry for my lack of posting recently. I've just had some stuff going on. Will post more later.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Horny Mexicans

So after work last night I decided I need a little depressant aka booze, so I went to Wal-Mart, forgetting that at any given time, they will only have 2 cash registers open. But I had my mind on the alcohols, so nothing was to stop me. After picking up some pita bread for my hummus, I found the cheapest wine I could find ($4 bottle of Arbor Mist merlot. Don't nobody tell me I'm not refined). I see the dreaded lines ahead of me, & pick the one that seems the shortest. Mistake #1: the other line went just as fast, if not faster.

But as I looked up, I saw this.

Needless to say, I was not amused. I can handle a smidge of PDA when it appears that the people are in love. But this was ridiculous. This guy was all over the girl, & she seemed to only reciprocate because she felt she had to. And the guy was obviously high, drunk, or both. Very bloodshot eyes. So I'm stuck in the line for about 15 minutes, holding my pita bread, texting, with my bottle of Arbor Mist on the ground. I'm doing everything I can to ignore this douchecock, but he keeps looking at me.

Eventually he pays & as he's leaving, he spills part of his drink on the floor & just walks off, leaving the poor cashier who was so overweight she could barely move her arms to clean it up. He then tries to leave through the entrance that is closed at night at a certain time. As I left, they were wandering around the parking lot, looking highly confused.

Humanity, you have no future.

P.S. And yes, I did enjoy my wine. In fact, I drank the whole bottle in about an hour. I'm so classy, I drank it straight from the bottle. My parents would be proud.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I finally went this week

I finally went to the beach this week. I got a slight burn, but I've had much worse. Such as the time Xian put sunscreen on my back, put too much, then proceeded to rub it ALL off. When I said why it happened, he got all defensive & said, "It's not my fault! Don't even THINK of blaming me." Or that time I was gonna go to camp & didn't want to get burned or look like paper so my mom took me to the tanning bed & the woman had me go for 15 minute intervals about 2 or 3 days, naked. And I was so burned my skin was almost purple & all I could do was basically stay in my room, nakie & alone. And I STILL went to camp white as a ghost!

Anyway, picture. I know it's not some great picture or anything, but I couldn't really see what I was taking because it was on my phone & the sun was shining.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Time keeps ticking away

I feel like since I moved to Florida that my days have been blending together. I sleep all the damn time (if I get less than 12 hours of sleep a day/night I am PISSED), & I have a hard time keeping track of the days. If it weren't for the fact that I have class on Monday & Wednesday nights, I wouldn't ever know what's going on.

That's basically alls I have to say for now. Maybe post later?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why I need to find a good job

So Sunday at work was quite the experience. While I'm used to working with douchebags & can more than handle my own, I've never experienced such a hostile work environment before. A little elaboration may be in order...

I went to work on Sunday night not looking forward to it, but that's to be expected. What wasn't to be expected was the hatred emanating from the cooks. Apparently, they hate me so much that they can't even function at their jobs, which was suspect to begin with. The broil cook (the guy on the grill) wouldn't look at me or speak to me. Yet. The guy on the fryer didn't say much. The guy on broil, when putting the plates on the expo line under the heaters, he didn't set them down. He kind of flung/tossed them. I found his immaturity quite funny, & the servers were very confused. Then, we were short a steak & I noticed it, but didn't say anything hoping that maybe we weren't actually short one. Besides, most of the temps & sides were the same so it wasn't that big of a deal.

Well, eventually the lack of steak caught up to us & the cook started arguing with me. And it got somewhat heated (eh, pun intended but not a big deal if not). One of the managers got involved & I was getting worked up & he was like, "Calm down. Now, what's wrong?" My response was a heavy sigh, followed by, "First, I hate this fucking job. Secondly......." & something else that isn't important. Eventually, I don't think that manager believed me when I said it wasn't my fault, but whatever.

Later on, we got kind of busy & the cooks were bumping the orders before they were ready, but I wasn't bumping them on my side because, as I said, they weren't ready. This also drives up the ticket times & makes the cooks look incompetent :) Me too, but at this point I didn't care. The other manager takes over expoing & I'm just helping wherever. One of the "nicer" cooks asked for a water & I didn't see any cups so I gave him a to-go cup. The manager then flipped out & asked who gave him that & when I said it was me, he starts yelling at me. Internally I said, "Fuck this shit" & started yelling back at him. And then I accidently hit him in the head with a appetizer/Ultimate Trio tray. Slowly the shift calmed down, but I had completely checked out by that point.

I have got to get a real job. I looked at my checking account tonight & while not horrendous, there is no way at this rate that I'm gonna be able to continue to support myself making $4.50 an hour & tipshare which the max thus far has been $14. I also sell a lot of stuff online but that isn't consistant at all. I finished my resume tonight & I just need the lady at the school to review it & I'm gonna send that bad boy out there.

P.S. I know a lot of people would say I'm being disrespectful by yelling at my manager, but I disagree. I didn't disobey him at all. If he had told me before not to do it, I wouldn't have done it. But by yelling at me that opens up a whole new situation. I don't give a flying crap who you are: you have no right to yell at me or anyone else & if you do yell at me, you're gonna get it back. If you're gonna disrespect me like that, then you've brought it on yourself. Any of the two of you who read this know I'm a very nice person, but I can be a sassy mouth when provoked. That's all this was.

P.P.S. I almost quit but decided against it because I didn't want to give them the satisfaction of thinking they were the cause of it. Also, I think it's so funny that these people give me so much power over them & I wanna see what happens with that. This happened when I first started at Jersey Mike's Subs. They hated me so much because I was kind of quiet & not a redneck & tried to get me to quit for a while, & then tried to get me fired by writing me up for stuff I had no control over/wasn't my fault. I knew what was going on & enjoyed how much I pissed them off. I eventually ended up getting along with them, then quitting, then coming back a year later & working off & on when I was in town from college. And then I was gonna try to go back this summer & they said no.

And for worse or worse, it is SOME kind of income until I get something better.

P.P.P.S. During the yelling, my manager said the to-go cups were $1. When he gave me my tipshare silently (minus a few mumbles), I almost handed him a $1. But I honestly could not handle any more drama that night.

Yeah, my ass is probably quitting/getting fired this weekend.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Why I pay for the privelage to work

So, I've worked at Applebee's, the premier fine dining establishment of America, since February 2008, so roughly 1 1/2 years. I started out as a host, with the intention to eventually move me to being a server. Once I made the move, I excelled (which is harder than you'd think [that's what she said]). Once I graduated college, I moved back to my little corner of hell in North Carolina & started working at that Applebee's. It sucked because a). I had to start over & wasn't automatically adored like at my other Applebee's & b). a different kind of bad customers.

When I moved down here to West Palm Beach I was hoping an awesome job in my field would just miraculously show up & if not I could get a job doing some other restaurant where no one would be immune to my charms. I ended up going to the 2nd best Applebee's in the area (the best one wasn't hiring, though they loved me & my friend Whit the Clit had put in a good word for me). First negative of this Applebee's is they weren't hiring hosts or servers. In fact the only position they had open was an expo.

For the one of you who reads this, an expo is the person in the kitchen who makes sure everything looks amazing & puts the little dressings in the ramicans & such as. It wasn't my 1st choice by any stretch of the imagination but I figured, just as in dating, that beggers can't be choosers. The 2nd negative of this job is that it's about 20-30 minutes away from where I live, so to give myself time with traffic, I have to leave about 45 minutes early. And I also only get paid $4.50 an hour, plus tipshare that is split between the host/s & bartender/s. So I'm making crap.

After working Tuesday & Thursday for about 9 hours combined, I made $14 in tipshare & most of the $4.50 will get taken out in taxes. So basically, I'm making crap because I'm wasting that on gas.

But this job is really difficult for me, because I'm really having to be assertive & while I can be a complete douchebag to customers that give me sass, I try to be as nice as possible to my co-workers. The thing is is that hardly anyone respects me as an expo. The cooks are supposed to answer me & keep me informed on what's going on & the servers are supposed to leave me alone & stop messing with the food. None of that happens. And I'm yelling for people to run food & I practically have to drug anyone to do so. This job just causes too much stress for the lack of benefits it provides.

Hopefully my resume will be done next week & I can start trying to get my name out there.

This is why everyone loved me.

Back when I had the long hair. An era gone by.

p.s AND the manager made me cut my hair!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ants in my pants (fo' realz)

Ok, so my apartment has a bit of an infestation. With ants. Lots of them. And they aren't just the little tiny cute ones. No, it also has the bigger ones as well.

They are on my dresser.

They are on my bathroom ceiling.

They crawl out of my sink drain.

They are occasionally on my pillow as a type.

They are in the kitchen cabinets.

They are in my underwear (I know...)

It drives me crazy. And it's not like I can blame My Giant for this because Lord knows I would if I could. But it seems as if the ants have more of an affection for me than for my tall friend. It's flattering in a way, & I am extremely honored to have this attention, but...there are bugs.


Those of you that know me know I'm a clean person! I hate getting dirty & don't play when it comes to hygiene. I don't want to get an exterminator (the school would take care of it. My Giant checked) because then I'd have to move all of my stuff around & also I feel like that would be more cruel than if I took care of the problem on my own (which right now consists of me either pouring water on them or spraying them with hair product).

And everytime I force one to cease to live, I always think of the poor ant from "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids" & how I cried for hours after that damn scorpion killed him.

Poor little guy. He just wanted to help!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Holy shit y'all! I just made a blog!

Well, I'm probably 5 years too late to be part of the blogging craze, but whatevs. And I know chances are that no one is going to read it, but it's ok because part of the reason for this is to rant without having to handwrite in my journal. And also, I'm super paranoid that my roommate (affectionately known as My Giant. But not to his face!) is going to somehow stumble upon my journal & if I'm talking smack, I don't want to risk earning his ire. So what better idea than risking my journal being discovered than to write on the internet?!

So, I'm 23 & just started grad school in West Palm Beach, FL. This place is pretty different than anything I'm used to, what with the one way streets, parallel parking, parking meters, & bad plastic surgery. I haven't exactly set the social world on fire yet, but I've met a few people thus far who don't suck the pooch. I'm still trying to get used to the weather here (i.e. humidity), because despite living in North Carolina for 20 years & Georgia for the past 3, this is pretty ridic.

I'm going to go into more detail later, such as when it's not 5:30 in the morn. Since my social calender is free pretty much always, who knows what's gonna happen!

Love me!