Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shocker (not the nasty kind)

Picked up my debit card. Only had the address for the bank anywhere on it. Now I have to find some other way to get my "address" on an official document so I can get my dag-blasted Florida license.

In other news, I got a submission to Texts From Last Night posted. Go me! My proudest moment BY FAR.

Also, while I was cleaning my car today My Giant knocked on my window & scared the living shit out of me.


So my debit card has finally arrived, which means I will finally have that last address that I need to get my Florida license, which means that I won't have anything standing in my way from potential jobs that may require being insured on their insurance.

But this also means that I won't be able to use my awesome North Carolina license that I got the day I turned 18. The one I took mere months before that damned anti-depressant I should have never been on did that number on my once very thick hair. The one where you can see the tan line on my neck from my mission trip to Panama the month before. The one where that bitch recently told me I looked like a serial killer (bitch!).

Watch me not even be able to use the documents that I have to obtain a license. That'll be some shit right there.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Interview to nowhere

One of the higher-up professors in my Grad program sends out an e-mail newsletter with all of the job listings in the area within our field, which has been awesome. Unfortunately, it hasn't been very helpful (though I did score that interview last month). However, on Wednesday we got a mid-week e-mail detailing 2 positions open for the same job at the same agency working as a Substance Abuse Prevention officer for high school students. "Great," I think, "I'm thinking about getting an extra Master's in Addictions anyway." So I call & leave a message. No call back. Thursday I call again. I talk to that lady, who seems ecstatic to interview me THAT VERY AFTERNOON!

So I get ready for the interview. I shave. I take out my earring. I make myself look as professional (& hott!) as possible without overkilling with a suit (basically, I'm wearing what I wore to my grandma's visitation last year: nice blue polo shirt & khakis). I go in & start filling out the application while the receptionist (who could do for an attitude adjustment) seems confused. Turns out she has a right to be confused.

My stupid ass is at the wrong building.

The building I need is the one behind where I am. So I hoof it back there with 2 minutes to spare for my interview. I fill out the new application & go in for my interview. The lady really likes me but has bad news. Apparently, there was a miscommunication & the job I thought I was interviewing for wasn't open, & the job that she wanted to interview me for conflicted with my classes. So no job.

But she really liked me & is keeping my resume for later in case something opens up. I told her that I appreciated the interview & that any interview experience is good experience & that she is very nice (ugh).

Then I went home, changed into my Pokemon shirt, skinny jeans, & flip flops, went to Great Wraps & went to class, where there may or may not have been drama...

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I accidently got drunk last night. "How do you 'accidently' get drunk?" you might ask. And that's a very reasonable question. The answer is...I wasn't monitoring like I should have.

After I got off work a lady from class texted me about a thing at City Place (the location of that Craigslist thing I posted) & another girl from class, the lady, & myself went. It was happy hour at the restaurant we ended up going to, which in my poor state (though not as poor, thanks to my dad) meant I wouldn't have to worry about money as much. So I had a Heineken, & an Almond Joy martini (the vodkas, chocolate, & coconut around the rim). We went to another restaurant & I had...something else. Something islandy. Then the lady bought me a shot (*shiver*) of Bacardi.

I fucking hate shots.

Luckily, no vomit was spilled. They dropped me off the in the parking lot where I ran inside because I saw My Giant & I was not in a state to deal with that idiot. Went to bed around 9:30. Woke up around 3:30. Now it's homework time.

Also, the lady (once she got drunk) told me, "Andrew, I'm so drunk you're almost sexy." Aww thanks!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just a few

I was going to pay part of my credit card bill yesterday when I checked my checking account to see how much money I had in it. When I saw, I knew there had to be a mistake, but I went ahead & paid the minimum balance. I checked my online register to see when my direct deposits went through & couldn't find them, leading me to believe I had gone 3 months without getting paid. So I traipse my irritated behind to the HR department to see what was going on. I got on a computer there to show the lady & surprise surprise: I found the deposits. Meaning that I looked like an asshole (but a polite one) & also that once my minimum payment clears I'll REALLY only have $78 in my checking account.

I called my dad & he said he'll put some money in when he can. I'm so tired of being financially dependent on my parents.

Also, I may have a sleep disorder. I thought it was normal to wake up during the night occasionally, seeing as my mother does & I've done it my whole life. Apparently not. Now my counselor has put me on a restricted evening diet to see what happens.

And my grandfather who I have absolutely no relationship with may have lung cancer. I still don't want him to suffer.

But hey, I'm doing well in school!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring awakening (not the musical)

Apparently, today is the 1st day of spring. That's kind of weird for me, since I haven't experienced this season since moving to Florida yet & I don't know how my allergies are going to handle it. In North Carolina & Georgia, spring marks the return of stuffy head, runny nose, & an appearance of some chronic enjoyment. Though more & more frequently I've been taking on these characteristics any way.

It also marks the return of my car, the long-suffering Tammy/Peter (I've had this thing since 2003 & I've yet to decide if my car is a boy or a girl) becomes covered in pollen & tons of bird shit.

Alls I'm saying is I don't know what to expect from this season. Ugh. But maybe not ugh.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tis Friday

So what do you do on a Friday night when you have no plans? You sit in your room in the dark, that's what!

But really, my history wouldn't have it any other way.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Think of the children

After working with kids since November as a mentor, more & more am I tempted to get a vasectomy. Not that I'm at any risk of impregnating anyone at the moment, but you never know.

But seriously, I like kids a lot but being around them that much works my nerves.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Craigslist 1

I was just casually perusing Missed Connections on Craigslist (as you do) when I found this little gem from my area (actually right near my apartment).

Definitely enlarge it. So good. It could be fake but it's just bizarre enough to be real.

New books

Yesterday I bought 2 new books (technically 3, but 2 of them are in the same book). "The Picture of Dorian Gray" & the "Alice in Wonderland" books. I find the fantasy behind Lewis Carroll's books to be intriguing so I wanted to give them a try. I've almost finished "Through The Looking Glass" (I knocked out the 1st book in no time) & so far, I have to say that they are pretty good, in my expert opinion. A little childish (duh. They were written for chil'rens), but good nonetheless.

I cannot wait to start "The Picture of Dorian Gray." I've heard so many good things about it, & the fact that Oscar Wilde was a hot mess makes the anticipation almost unbearable. I'm sure I'll start it later today if I don't fall asleep 1st.

Oh yes, I puppy-sat last night for Kelley, the girl who gave me the sleeping drugs last semester that I had the allergic reaction to. I miss dogs.

And tonight I start the group that I'm co-leading for class. And I thought Oscar Wilde was a hot mess...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Return to hell

The other night (Tuesday, to be exact) I had to go back to the Applebee's I worked at down here. Why, you ask (or not, because it's not really that interesting)? Because I hadn't received my W-2 form yet. I kept waiting, hoping it would come. I kept having my parents check their houses to see because I couldn't remember which address I had given for my mail to be sent (I rotate between home where my mom lives & where my dad lives while he's at work, but regardless it will get the job done). Neither of them had it.


That meant I'd have to go back to that place where I wasn't exactly revered, or even liked that much (if you need a refresher or a crash-course in my trials at that place, they're all chronicled in my posts from September of last year). I didn't leave on the best terms, either, having given a fill-in manager a letter of resignation & a hug for being nice.

I get out there & ask the bartender with dreads (I love her hair) to see the manager for my W-2. I'm hoping it's one of the nicer managers. Of course it isn't. It's the short one who glares all the time. I'm surprisingly not upset & shake his hand & his reception to me could have used some work (eh, whatever). He gives me the number of the place I need to call to get a re-print W-2 & I thank him. Trying to make small-talk, I asked how he was doing & he was like, "Good" & just kind of walked off. On my way out I started talking to the bartender, until Napoleon Complex comes up & stands around, acting like he's trying to intimidate me into leaving. I just rolled my eyes called it a night.

At least I handled myself well.

Edit: It turns out that my parents did get my W-2 & didn't realize it because I've worked at 3 Applebee's in the past year. So I'm viewing my little trip out to Wellington, FL as a source of closure.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Space Cases

No one else probably remembers this show (including my parents who actually used to watch it with me), but it's called "Space Cases." And I loved it. Hey look! There's the cast now!

I used to have a huge crush on the pink girl, Rosie. She was from Mercury! Because that's realistic.

But no, I used to love this show & I'm not sure why. I always knew it wasn't very good quality (I mean, it came on Nickelodeon, though it was before it completely went down the shitter), but I watched it every week & even played it out in my grandma's backyard. It's pretty much a representation of the innocence that has died within me with age.

But anyway, the point of this post is basically just to point out that I found a Channel on Youtube that has every episode & I'm going to veg out & watch ALL OF THEM. This is what productive adults (patooey!) do when they have no pressing school work or a demanding (or any) social life.

Also, the original Black Power Ranger, Walter Emmanuel Jones, was on the show & that was so cool. Especially because I never thought I'd see him work again after he got fired from "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" & because every normal 10 year old thinks about stuff like that (I was 8 when he left "Power Rangers" but 10 when he was on "Space Cases." I really wish I had a more exciting childhood).

ETA: I don't find the show humorous. I don't even think I ever really did. But I still loves it.

Friday, March 5, 2010


I seriously feel like I'm running out of internet to go to. I have my normal rotation of sites I go to every day, & I go multiple times hoping for updates. But oy, this is getting rough.

Plus, I can only stay on Facebook so long.