Monday, January 25, 2010

How about lame?

Well, my life has been so exciting the past few days that I've been working my way through the show "Greek" on Hulu. I'm almost done with season 1, & I've been watching it non-stop for the past 12 hours...

Dear God, I need friends.

I also haven't spoken to anyone in about 24 hours. Meara texted me & Christian Facebook chatted me but that's it. I was conducting an experiment to see what would happen if I didn't initiate almost every text conversation, phone call, & Facebook chat session. Even my parents failed today.

I swear to God, tomorrow after I get my car looked at I'm getting something to drink.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oh no...

My journal is missing. I didn't write it in much, but it still had just enough for bad.

Oh yeah. I needed a new battery for my car. Now the battery light is coming on. Oy.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I'm slightly intoxicated. I guess 4 beers will do that to a person.

Not much to report. My car died tonight at Wal-Mart but luckily Jaclyn & her boyfriend came to the rescue.

I also had to watch a video in class last night called "Miracle of Life" where there was a camera up in the man parts as the juices were combined & also a camera in the vagina which shows the jizz shoot into the vagina. And then the stupid mother didn't shave her cooter, like she didn't have any idea they were going to film the birthing part. Yet she did her hair. Idiot.

But the worst part was when the baby came out. I HAD NO IDEA THE VAGINA GOT THAT BIG!

The more I type the dizzier I get. I'm done.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I accidently followed myself on here. Whatevs.

I need to get some homework done. However, that's rather difficult when not all of the books I need have arrived.

I really need something to do with my time. Depression is coming back hardcore.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New semester

Well, I have returned to West Palm Beach. It's pretty chilly here, a nipply 50-60 degrees. Everyone is walking around in parkas & those ugly boots with the yarn balls dangling off of them. Pussies.

My new roommate is amazing. He is quiet, polite, nice, clean(er), & black! I feel so politically correct just living with him.

However, methinks My Giant is stalking me somewhat. Last night I was coming up the stairwell that leads to our kitchen door. I always go up the stairs fast because I know there's a chance My Giant could pop up at any minute. But as I was unlocking my door I heard my old kitchen door start to open. It sticks really bad so I knew I had a bit more time to run in, & as I was closing my door in a hurry I heard my old door open. I was going to try to ignore it but he started knocking on his door (idiot). I answered him with my usual, "What?!" to which he answered with his usual, "Can I talk to you for a minute?" I'm glad the past month away from each other has changed that aspect of our relationship...

Now, I had already been warned that he had dyed his hair platinum blonde. I figured this was a side effect of his hanging out with the rave/fetish kid who moved in my last week with his angel costume. But My Giant has also taken to wearing eyeliner & goth pants (the black kind with the hooks so you can attach chains. He wasn't wearing chains though). The first thing out of his mouth when we started talking was him asking whether I had decided to transfer next semester or not. Then he asked how my break was. I told him it was fine, but didn't give details. Then he started talking at length about his break & going on & on & on. Then because I hadn't mentioned or reacted to his appearance (I didn't want to give him a reaction because I knew that's what he wanted), he pointed it out to me. I then went over to my old apartment to see that he had been given some furniture, & it wasn't half bad. Then he showed me pics on his camera from his break...

Everyone in the pics was wearing fishnets, pasties, thongs, hooker boots. Basically everything you'd expect from people who go to raves & fetish parties. I couldn't tell who was a man or a woman. There were pictures of a girl I know topless (he said they're seeing each other & she wants to have his kids. Suuuuuure), as well as a random girl asleep in his bed (when I asked if the asleep girl knew he took her picture, he said no but that they hadn't slept together. Still? Creepy).

Then he asked me what I was doing later. Shit. I need to have a stock answer prepared. I said I was doing nothing. Shiiiiiiiiiit. He invited me to go with him to meet up with some girls & smoke hookah. I told him ok (WTF ANDREW?!) but I was going to drive separately. Luckily he texted me & said they cancelled but I could come play X-Box. I told him ok, but fell asleep instead.

When I told my mother about how he pounced on me while I was coming up the steps, she said simply, "He was watching for you." Damn it. I was talking texting Alexis & she said she thinks he is just trying to corrupt me just to drag me down. All I know is I'm gonna be careful, walk quickly, walk quietly, & hope for the best.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Happy 2010!

I'm very glad that it's the beginning of a new year. Last year was a pile of ass, & this year will definitely bring about changes. For starters, I am trying not to cuss as much. I am currently failing epically in this endeavor. I am also working on my rage/anger problems, & will be working out more. I decided the best way to accomplish this was to do yoga. I will be starting that shortly.

But this will also be the year that I gain control of my life. I can't keep letting people hurt me like I have been. I am basically a resilient ball of depression & anxiety. Today, I had some very bad thoughts (none that I was going to seriously execute...literally).

I just want to apologize to my parents for being me. I am certain I didn't turn out how they expected. I know I sure didn't turn out how I expected. It kills me that I was their one shot at a child. Well irregardless (this isn't a real word, yet the spell checker didn't underline it. There is no hope for the world)...

I'm going back to West Palm Beach later this week. This will definitely be a new semester. I'm not taking shit from anyone, no matter who it is. I don't care who I piss off, whether it be roommate, friend, professor, employee at store, My Giant in passing. I'm not looking for a fight, but I'm not backing down.

Hello, 2010. We're gonna have a good year.