Monday, November 16, 2009


In a matter of days, I will be back in Toccoa, GA for Thanksgiving break. It'll be good to be around people I've known for longer than 3 months. I'm heading up there on Saturday or Friday night. I would be leaving on Thursday but I have to attend this seminar on battling unwanted same-sex attraction. If I skip it then it will count as a class skip, & I don't need that.

It's gonna suck though because this will be the first Thanksgiving without Mama (she died in April) & my mother isn't coming down either, so it's just going to be my dad & I. More than likely we'll end up going to a buffet instead of cooking.

I'm also going to be working at Applebee's when I'm there. There's apparently a lot of new people, so I need to show them how it's done when I'm there. And by that I mean I do what I want & they leave me alone.

Oh yeah, I'm installing Google Chrome right now.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Everyone is getting married & having babies & I'm basically stuck in the same spot I've always been. Out of 10 grandkids on my dad's side, I'm the only one single & the only one out of the "above 20" age group (though I'm the youngest of them) to not have a kid.

No pressure, though.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Before what happened in my last post...

Before we went out the other night, My Giant told me what the punishment was for the girl he decided it was ok for him to sleep with. She's getting punished by the school (& her dad) for sending nude pictures of herself online. He said she had to move out of her nice dorm & into another one, & was trying to figure out what word meant lowered status. I told him it was "demoted." He said it wasn't, & realized that the word he wanted to say was "depromoted."



I just stared at him a for a bit before saying, "That's what "demoted" means. And that's not a word."

After my last post...

So here is what happened after my last post...

I went out with My Giant & 2 of his basketball friends (who are both around 18 or 19). They were both wasted when they got here, so I knew nothing good could come from this. I drove separately because I knew I wasn't gonna handle much. My Giant & I were already snapping at each other before we left, & he kept pulling out in front of cars when I was following him. We ended up around the Applebee's I used to work at here, & we went into a bar (the other guys had fake I.D.'s). There wasn't many people there so My Giant asked the bartenders where there was anywhere else to go (Polite). Someone was giving him directions & I was texting, only to get snapped at by My Giant for not writing down the directions. Then he wanted me to lead this time because I had the directions, despite my saying I didn't want to drive & read at the same time. I argued with him for a little bit but decided to just go ahead.

I don't know where we ended up but whatever. They started talking to these random people in the parking lot about places to go, & the girl told us that the guys she was with were getting ready to fight because one of them had slept with the other one's ex-fiancee (Shades of my past in North Carolina & Georgia). The 2 fucktards told the girl they had guns under My Giant's seats, & I got tired of My Giant taking pictures with her & the guys acting like idiots so I went back to my car. I drove to where they were & My Giant told me that they had all made out with her for a quick second after I left. Classy.

We drove to a gas station to look up phone numbers of places. The shortest fucktard with us was acting like he was going to mug people & they were just acting like idiots. I went inside to apologize to the cashier (I had heard one of them made a joke about holding the place up). She & I trashed all 3 of them until My Giant came back inside. I told her goodbye & to have a good night & she said in her sassy black way, "Good night, baby!" My Giant decided we should go back closer to West Palm Beach (we were in Wellington, about 20 minutes away) & picked the road that we always take to get to Wal-Mart.

I lead us with my GPS & call My Giant to tell him that when we get to the road to pull in front of me so he can choose the place. As I'm turning towards the Wal-Mart direction of Belvedere (the road) he starts telling me I have the wrong Belvedere Rd. I assure him I don't. Then he tells me I'm going the wrong direction. I assure him I'm not. We go back & forth for a while about whether we are on the right road or going the right direction or not until I get sick of it & hang up on him. The 3 of them decide they want to go downtown & so we head to a bar that I went to the night I got so sick. We park & there is this car alarm going off with this big black lady sitting in it. The following exhange took place.

Fucktard 1: [My Giant], turn off your car alarm!
Fucktard 2: Yeah, especially since you're just sitting in it.
Fucktard 1: But I guess it's a surprise that you can even fit in there as fat as you are.
Big Black Lady: Fuck you!
Fucktard 1 (or 2): Fuck you!
Big Black Lady: *something I couldn't hear*
Fucktard 1 (or 2): *something about her being fat that I didn't hear everything of)
Big Black Lady: Why don't you go fuck a nigga?!
Fucktard 1: That's your job!

At this, I walk right back to my car & get in. My Giant asks me if I've had enough & I tell him I had. He says he doesn't blame me & wishes he could leave too but can't because he has to look out for his teammates. I tell him it sucks to be him & drive off.

He lets them both stay at our apartment that night & fills me in on what happened the next morning. Apparently the short one was really drunk (shocker) & was too aggressive with girls because he is angry that he's so short & was jealous that My Giant & Fucktard 2 were getting all of the attention. They were getting this attention because Fucktard 2 looks European & My Giant is tall & "has a goofy personality." I just stared at him. But My Giant found these 2 girls to make out with & went to church with them the next morning. I ran into all 3 at Panera the next morning (before I heard how the night ended) & was wondering why My Giant was dressed in his I Want Attention suit with 2 girls & a little boy. Apparently the main girl he was interested in has a boyfriend in New York.

I really am over this.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Going out

So, I'm getting ready to go clubbing with My Giant & 2 of his basketball friends. I don't know why, exactly. I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment. Not exactly sure what good I see coming from this. However, I will be driving separately so I can leave whenever I want to.

On another note, I decided to re-wash the dishes he washed of mine & go ahead & wash what he hadn't washed. I'm tired of starving myself on principle. Plus, I'm ready to start hiding the rest of my stuff :)

I need some more stuff going on in my life besides this fucktard.