Saturday, December 17, 2011

Long Road Ahead

As mentioned in my vlog, my grandmother has a brain tumor. Obviously, that sucks donkey dick. We got the biopsy results back yesterday & we found out that the tumor is at Stage 3 & is malignant. The prognosis is that she has a 50% chance of living a year with the chemo & radiation, & if she is in the survival part of the 50% there's a 25% chance she'll live an extra year. The medicine they're going to use for her is $10,000 per dose. Seriously. What the crap. Luckily she has insurance, but regardless of that she still has a 20% co-pay.

After losing my grandfather (her husband) back in March, this has been a very bad year for our family. We were all kind of dreading Christmas because of how...weird it would be with him gone (though he usually sat back & made smart-ass comments). So on top of that, we all have to deal with the fact that there is a very good chance this is her last Christmas, too.

She's so wobbly now that a lot of us are taking turns staying with her at night in case she falls. Sunday night is my turn, which means I may not get to watch the "Survivor" finale (go Sophie!). Then on Monday morning I'm taking her to Duke to her first chemo session. That's awesome.

Her with Baby Me. My grandfather is in the chair behind us.


Nicole said...

You and your family are in my prayers Andrew! Stay strong, your Grandma is going to need all of the support that she can get to hold on for as long as she can.


Vapid Vixen said...

Andrew I'm so sorry. :( I hope the family is able to make this one an extra special Christmas for her.
Adorable picture by the way.

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

I'm sorry man. That just blows. New to this blog, will be checking back.

Andrew said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Nicole.

Vixen, it is an adorable picture. I agree 100%. That's how I will hopefully always be able to remember her: rolling around on the floor with all of her grandchildren, playing games.

Elliot, thanks for the comment. Please do stop by again later. Usually my posts aren't this...depressing. I'll be reading your blog, too. That is if I can get my stupid account to subscribe as me & not as my anonymous one.

Laura said...

That picture is so sweet. I hope you enjoy your Christmas as much as you can. Best wishes with you all xx

George said...

Drew, I'm sorry to hear this. Your grandmother and family have been in my prayers since you told us of this news.