Friday, January 27, 2012

Night Me

On the nights that I get to stay up late, I notice that I become rather introspective. I don't know if it's because I run out of stuff to read on my regular sites & stumble upon works with substance, or if maybe I get to thinking about deeper things due to no one else being up & it's truly a feeling of being alone. I like it, though.

When this happens, I plan. I make big plans. I'm going to start working out again. Or better yet, I'll start writing something more than some crappy blogs every so often. Or maybe, just maybe, I'll start reading books that are stimulating. OR! I might start playing the piano after my almost 6 year hiatus. Hey, if I do that, I could possibly start doing art again. I was a pretty good at pottery & incorporating mixed media into sculptures back in the day.

It's also this time of night when I hope to start eating healthier, & cooking for myself instead of eating out almost every meal. I might even become a better cook...

It's this time of night when I truly come alive. I feel like I'm a different person. I'm closer to the person I want to be, as well as the person I believe I actually am. 

But then I have to go to sleep & begin the whole ordeal over again. Bitchy customers, work, family drama, & depression take hold of me once again. 

On another note, I'm an awesome model. Admire my hanging arm shelf.


Laura said...

Haha. I'm the opposite. Night time comes and I start wanting chocolate. Lots of chocolate. And fizzy drinks. Then I want to quit my job and travel the world working at crappy bars and not doing anything to improve myself other than having fun.

Laura x

Lex said...

Dude. Totally the same way. I find myself writing blog posts mostly at night because that's the time I actually think about things. And when I'm slightly creative.

You should definitely start to play the piano again because I am so jealous of people who can play. It's something I've always wanted to learn but never did. So do it!!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Follow through on all those things, dude. Make a schedule and stick to it. Your Big Homey is pulling for you.

Vapid Vixen said...

Haha! You do make a great model. Where was this taken? Looks like a really cool location.

Oh, wait. That totally made me sound stalkerish, didn't it?

Andrew said...

Laura, I can get behind the fizzy drinks & all of that.

Well Lex, you've convinced me. Good job!

Big Homey, I know I have your support. Now to actually get it done.

Vapid, it was taken in Raleigh, NC. You can stalk me if you want. I don't mind & understand.