Saturday, January 18, 2014

Just A Few Things

Today at work sucked. I came in & things were in total disarray. Tons of customers & things were just a mess. Plus, customers were pretty rude most of the night. But by the end of it my co-workers & I had gotten into a pretty decent groove & left about 15 minutes earlier than what the norm is.

Something that happened near the beginning of my shift though was my old manager coming by to pick some stuff up. I miss him so much. I miss my old store. I think in the longterm my transfer was a good move but right now I just miss how things used to be.

Also, closer to the end of the night, my old landlord came by. Definitely didn't need that at all. It just made me sad that I was basically forced out of his house, which was so reasonably priced & centrally located, & now live back with my parents an hour away. But I'm not bitter. Not at all.

On another note, school is going well. My former co-worker finally talked to me & I'm settling in nicely with my professors it seems. I did find out that one of them uses crime scene photos from local murders so I need to ask if any are of my aunt's murder. Because while I think I'd be ok reading a report on it, I think I'd be ok if I never had to see any photos of her dead. But that just may be me.

Well, I think I'm off to sleep. I'm working at another store tomorrow night so I need to be well-rested to show those honey boo boo's how it's done.



Kenneth Noisewater said...

Sounds like you got a handle on things, Big Homey. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)