Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Before what happened in my last post...

Before we went out the other night, My Giant told me what the punishment was for the girl he decided it was ok for him to sleep with. She's getting punished by the school (& her dad) for sending nude pictures of herself online. He said she had to move out of her nice dorm & into another one, & was trying to figure out what word meant lowered status. I told him it was "demoted." He said it wasn't, & realized that the word he wanted to say was "depromoted."



I just stared at him a for a bit before saying, "That's what "demoted" means. And that's not a word."

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Rebecca J-G said...

OK. I laughed outloud at this. The way you write..I'm just THERE! If I ever saw a pic of this guy I'd be depressed because he CAN'T be as goony as he is in my head. No offense to one of God's children, but this guy isn't firing on all cylinders. No. Way.
How did you live through this? I had heard you had 'roommate problems' Understatement, I guess! You had roommate albatross. Epic encumbrance. So glad this is over!