Monday, November 16, 2009


In a matter of days, I will be back in Toccoa, GA for Thanksgiving break. It'll be good to be around people I've known for longer than 3 months. I'm heading up there on Saturday or Friday night. I would be leaving on Thursday but I have to attend this seminar on battling unwanted same-sex attraction. If I skip it then it will count as a class skip, & I don't need that.

It's gonna suck though because this will be the first Thanksgiving without Mama (she died in April) & my mother isn't coming down either, so it's just going to be my dad & I. More than likely we'll end up going to a buffet instead of cooking.

I'm also going to be working at Applebee's when I'm there. There's apparently a lot of new people, so I need to show them how it's done when I'm there. And by that I mean I do what I want & they leave me alone.

Oh yeah, I'm installing Google Chrome right now.

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