Friday, January 22, 2010


I'm slightly intoxicated. I guess 4 beers will do that to a person.

Not much to report. My car died tonight at Wal-Mart but luckily Jaclyn & her boyfriend came to the rescue.

I also had to watch a video in class last night called "Miracle of Life" where there was a camera up in the man parts as the juices were combined & also a camera in the vagina which shows the jizz shoot into the vagina. And then the stupid mother didn't shave her cooter, like she didn't have any idea they were going to film the birthing part. Yet she did her hair. Idiot.

But the worst part was when the baby came out. I HAD NO IDEA THE VAGINA GOT THAT BIG!

The more I type the dizzier I get. I'm done.


Rebecca J-G said...

I am amazed....yes, it really does get that big. My husband said the same thing. You are a minor riot. Thank you for inviting me to your blog. I now have a new favorite late night activity. It may well become a guilty pleasure.

Andrew said...

Just a minor riot? :(

And you shouldn't feel guilty about this. Not one bit.