Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stupid Giant

My stupid Giant. So apparently he's been eating my food, on top of not cleaning any of his stuff. And he's put his silverware away so I guess he can use mine.

I swear, the last person I hated this much was that tub of lard I went to undergrad with who always lied about being raped.

And he's pursuing this girl who has a boyfriend in another country. When I asked him why he thought this was ok, he said his father has always told him if the person isn't married & made a covenant before God they're fair game.


She's been staying over some, & it makes it really awkward when I come out of my room in my underwear. She also washed our dishes (it was the first time his has been washed in about a month. Since the last time I washed them). She's a sweet girl & I hate that she's gotten herself tangled up with that asshole. I told my counselor here about the situation & she said that I need to report them for her spending the night, & I really just don't see how I can go through this semester without becoming a villain for calling him on his shit.

Oh yeah! And last night I had to explain to him what doing something on principle meant. And he also didn't know what the movie "Footloose" was. He was telling me the plot & when I asked if that's what it was, he sounded surprised & asked if it was a famous movie.

Jesus, keep me near you.

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