Saturday, February 27, 2010

Funny farm

I went out last night with some girls from class who wanted to go bowling. We ended up at this incredibly sketchy establishment that left me feeling as if I had contracted numerous venereal diseases whilst not allowing me to partake in the fun act of intercourse. Or so I've heard it's fun...

But I digress. I didn't bowl because my wrist has been hurting for over a week now because I get these random flare-ups of tendinitis that require me to wear a wrist splint. So I'm walking back from the snack area when I see an older gentleman, a little rough around the edges, walking in my direction. He was dirty in appearance, & had that crazy eye that some people have. As I walked by him, I heard him say to no one, "Funny farm." I am not sure if this was directed towards me in some way or if maybe he was talking about where he lives. Maybe this was meant to be a quest for me! Maybe this is my "Rose Bud," like in "Citizen Kane." I hope it isn't, because I don't care enough to figure it out.

Anyway, the night had some drama (none that involved me) where the girls I was with had some boyfriend issues & I just sat there trying to enjoy the 3rd time I've hung out with anyone since returning to West Palm Beach at the beginning of January. We ended up at Applebee's (...) & I proceeded to drink.

What does tonight hold for me? Probably not much of nothing. Maaaaaaaybe I'll write more later.

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