Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Dirty Toke

I'm currently on my "spring break" in Toccoa (The Dirty Toke/Toke-Town). I'm currently sitting on my dad's couch, watching HGTV, & talking to my mother who decided to come down for a visit this weekend. In 2 hours I will be back at Applebee's, where I stupidly offered to work before I knew that tonight is prom night. I've managed to avoid serving prom the past 2 years & OF COURSE now that I don't work there regularly this ends up happening. And they changed the uniforms without telling me so I had to get a new shirt.

Last night I went with Salem (Hi Salem! If you're reading...) to South Carolina to buy beer because Georgia sucks. The greeter at Wal-Mart, as we were walking inside, told us to come again & have a good night. She then caught her mistake & corrected herself, but by that point I was barely containing the laughter. Then the cashier wouldn't take my I.D. because the top part is broken. So I had to give my debit card to Salem who now knows my PIN number.

Oooh! My mother is getting ready to teach me how to iron! Because yes, I'm almost 24 & don't know how to iron.

Also? This was such a boring post. I'm sorry.

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Rebecca J-G said...

You never bore me. I know your mom was psyched to see you and spend time with you, even if it was just to help you learn how to iron. Personally, I refuse to iron. If you can't wash, hang it, wear it--forget it! I have also taught Rachel the fine art of 'Febreeze and fluff' in the dryer. Takes out even the most stubborn wrinkles! Dry cleaning is a last resort for 'formal wear' (read:job interview).