Saturday, April 10, 2010

New job!

I got a new job this week. In fact, it was just Thursday I received the word. I will be working as a Counselor Assistant aka Glorified Babysitter (even the supervisor calls it that). Basically, I will be enforcing the rules (ugh) & picking people up/dropping them off at the airport when the arrive/depart the rehab facility. The hours right now are shit: 8pm-8am Saturday & Sunday nights, plus on-call as needed.

I began training yesterday during the day & already they started to fuss at me, which I didn't take too kindly to & let them know it. I mean, if I had been there a while & had known better than to go into the main office to ask my trainer a question then fine. But no one had told me not to do that & I asked how they expected me to know something I was informed of & how they expected me to successfully do my job if I can't ask the person training me a question.

Lucky me, the supervisor won't be there when I am. In fact, I won't see most of the staff generally.

Oh yeah, & the guy who is training me tonight? Is the guy I'm replacing. And he doesn't know yet that he's being fired. And yesterday I think I pissed him off (if it was him) because I was sitting in my car about to leave & was texting & he wanted my parking space.

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Renee Marie said...

Congrats on the new job!