Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Bisexual Wiccan

It was about a month after the whole court case involving Rummy was resolved & I was still working at the theater. About two hours before closing time was to arrive, this guy I knew, "Bobby," & his girlfriend came in. I knew Bobby because his ex-girlfriend & I went to church together & he worked at the grocery store closest to my house. Anyway, we started talking & the topic of their being Wiccan came up. I found the topic genuinely interesting, plus the fact that I was incredibly lonely, so we decided that after their movie was over & after I got off work we'd go to Dunkin' Donuts.

While at Dunkin' Donuts things started getting uncomfortable. Both of them started talking about my aura, which whatever. I don't really believe that stuff. But unfortunately, they believe it very much & were quite adamant that mine was purple (I don't even know what that means). The girlfriend had to split, but Bobby wanted to still hang out. I agreed. Since Rocky Mount sucks, there wasn't much to do other than go to a house. His house, to be exact.

By this point it was around midnight. His house wasn't too terribly far from mine so it wasn't super inconvenient. He said we could only hang out outside or in his room. His room happening to be in the basement. No biggie. What was a biggie, though, was that his walls were covered in pentagrams that were drawn in blood. And he had other Satanic things around there. Oh, ok.

He tried to get me to drink but I passed, because I was a good boy back then. We went back outside & he kept trying to scare me, flirting. We went back inside & sat on his mattress. Well, I sat. He laid down & kept trying to force me to lay down with him. I eventually did lay down, but didn't put my head on the pillow (that would have been too far). Then he started talking about having sex with guys at work & asking me if I had ever been with any guys. No, I said. Then the conversation turned to Wicca. He started talking about all of these ceremonies & rituals & what they meant. Then he wanted to try something...

Now, I know you're probably thinking he upped his game & put more moves on me, but that wasn't it. Instead, he held both of my hands & pushed his energy through me. And I will tell you something: I felt something. After that, I felt really weird. Around 5am (sheesh) I went home. Later that day my parents found out how late I had been out & they freaked, especially when they found out what happened. They gave me a curfew (I was 19 & had no friends) & called our pastor, making me go to a meeting with him.

Bobby kept trying to hang out with me but I wasn't allowed to hang out with him. It was so frustrating that the only option I had at the time to hang out with anyone & my parents ruined it. Though technically I ruined it by telling them what had happened. But they totally overreacted. While yes, it was creepy & yes, me going down into the basement was incredibly unsafe, I ended up being fine. It was actually a precursor to a whole bunch of crap that was later to follow i.e. me getting myself into really bizarre situations.

Bobby & I are now friends on Facebook & occasionally talk. I saw him last summer at Books-A-Million (Barnes & Noble's retarded cousin) & he seems to be doing...pretty crappy. He is a total pothead & works at a pizza place. And he's still very bi.


Aubree said...

for some reason i assumed the bi wiccan would be female, no idea why. this was more creepy though.
this is why you gotta lie to parents, they don't approve of bisexual basement wiccans. can't spell families without lies! :p

Andrew said...

I remember you writing something about it being a girl & I got excited because I knew it would blow your mind.

:) said...

that, i guess would be pretty freaky. i mean, i think it's cool how u guys r fb friends and all...but still pretty awkward, i guess for u and him?
and lol. well, i guess i would have overreacted if i was a parent.


Caleb said...

You make this shit up.

Andrew said...

I can't. I wish I did but it's real.