Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cest La Vie

My soul died at work today. Stupid Santa hat. But my soul didn't die just because of the hat. Though it contributed.


Penny Lane said...

I kinda dig the Santa hat.

Aubree said...

i hate soul killing santa hats. stupid contributor.

Caleb said...

Famous quote from my ex-stepmom to my brother and I when we were wrestling around at Christmas time (we were 12)

"Stop it! This is Christmas! You kids put some LOVE in your damn hearts!"

Put some love in that hat, bro-nameth.

Andrew said...

Ha! That sounds like something my mom (or I) would say to someone. But yeah, work has just been exhausting & the Santa hat was the topping on the shit filled, mayo icing cake.

Lex said...

i kinda like it lol

Andrew said...

You are also 18 & have no taste.

Just kidding except for kind of not.