Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Should Be Psychic

Today I learned that I should be psychic. Well, that's good to know!

It was about 30 minutes before I was done with my shift when this temperamental regular came in. She had her own thermal mug that was over 3/4 full of coffee already. She then ordered a cup of coffee filled about halfway up. I figured since she had a practically full thing of coffee she wanted another cup & would either double-fist or use the new one to replenish the other. So I rang her up for a small coffee & didn't give her the sustainability discount (if you bring in your own mug you get $0.50 off).

After I rang her up she asked if I gave her the discount. I told I didn't since I wasn't charging her for the size cup I was giving her. Then she got an attitude because I didn't automatically know to dump her full cup of coffee out & replace it with something else. She was like, "It's fine!" to which I snotted back, "Good!" & stomped to the back before I got crunk.

I just wish I didn't let crap like this bother me. There's just no reason to be rude! The other day I had this lady refuse to take my roll of dimes at a parking garage unless I broke them apart & handed her $3 worth of loose dimes instead of just taking the damn roll & giving me back $2 like I handed her a $5. But guess what I did instead of arguing with her? I handed her $3 & drove off. Granted, I was very irritated but being a dick isn't helpful. However, I work for a company that would rather their employees be abused on a daily basis than lose a customer so it's a different situation I suppose.

Before my psychic abilities failed me, I had a guy come in that I have dubbed "Mr. Giggles" because he argues about everything. In every single statement he finds something to criticize. Sometimes when he's been giving me crap for about 5 minutes straight about a particular word I used & he's gone off on another tangent I will look at him square in the eyes & say, "Wow. You really have something to say about everything, don't you?" He just looks at me, thrown off. Anyway, he came in & kept trying to talk to me & I was trying to converse back but couldn't hear him well because someone was ordering over the head-set. I told him I couldn't hear him because someone was talking & he said, "I know. That's why I'm going to keep talking." I handed him his coffee without a word & started doing something else.

I just can't wait until my last week there. If I don't feel like waiting on someone, I'm not going to. Granted, I say that now, but I know when the time comes I will still wait on them because I hate being a turd unless provoked.

Despite my complaining, I actually am very good with customers when they're nice. I'm good at making small-talk with those I don't know, as well as keeping up with the regulars. And even though I will argue/stand-up to a rude customer in a heartbeat, I'm also good at calming them down when I feel like it. I've always been this way, though. My customer service jobs have been a way for me to push through my social anxiety & introverted nature.

But I seriously, seriously can't wait for another job.

On another note, I got a Droid X yesterday.


Aubree said...

dude chyeah same here with the whole can't wait til my last week thing. bitches think they're gonna get random discounts out of me? HA.

Andrew said...

They've got another thing coming!