Friday, April 29, 2011

Toccoa Visit

I don't have a ton of write about right now. I'm currently sitting in the library computer lab at Toccoa Falls College! My old school! It's been weird being back this trip, though it always is.

When I graduated, I wasn't exactly on the best social terms with a lot of people, & now that most of them are gone you'd think it would be different. But instead, there are all 0f these kids I don't know, a few that I do know, & a lot of memories (both good & bad). I've gotten to see a few professors as well, which has been nice.

One of the things that's been kind of discouraging is how Alexa (her real name) is visiting at the same time. We were super close while here, & have stayed pretty close since graduation. But anyway, she's having to schedule times to hang out with people, whereas I am just kind of scrambling & haphazardly trying to meet up with people. We both had very different experiences here, obviously.

Anyway, I will write more later. Not sure about what though.


Aubree said...

i might be mistaken because you seem to have moved many a time, but is this where the bisexual wiccan is? WATCH YOUR BACK. o_o

Caleb said...

Good point, Aubree. One day I want a timeline of all the crazy shenanigans and characters in your life. Maybe we can find a pattern.

Andrew said...

No. The bisexual wiccan was before I moved to Toccoa.

Andrew said...

Also, I very well may make a timeline. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for following. I like reading your blog :)