Thursday, April 14, 2011

Job Hunting pt. 1

I was just on Craigslist (since that's always worked out so well for me) looking for jobs. Very discouraging situation to say the least.

There are pretty much no jobs in the mental health/non-profit sector in my area. However, I did find one that seemed like it might be a possible except the punctuation, grammar, and spelling were atrocious so I don't think I'm going to pursue it. Though I'm pretty sure I could get an interview because of my background/training.

Another reason I don't want to do it is because it's working in a group home for boys. After everything that happened at the rehab (for those of you who are new, go back & read my posts from April-July of last year. If you don't want to, let's just say that it ended with me being fired with no explanation) I just don't know if I can work in another setting like that.

On top of that, I essentially grew up isolated & have a hard time knowing what to do with kids. Especially boys. They always want to run around, be rough, & are loud. That scares me.

Plus the fact that I weighed myself yesterday & I'm 140 lbs. Not exactly imposing & commanding of respect. And if the rehab wasn't proof enough, my strategy of trying to gain respect by being friendly didn't work.


So I don't know. Do you guys think I should apply? I've got to get out of this crap coffee shop.

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Aubree said...

well you could always try. but yeah idk. i'm crappy with job advice as i have been at the same retail store that treats me like crap for almost 3 years now.

dude and i have the answer to your problems cause you're only 140 lbs: GAIN A TON OF WEIGHT AND BE OBESE. if you're obese people will take you seriously. duh.