Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh Yes

I have some new stuff to post, but I don't feel like dealing with it right now. So here are 10 more Random Facts about me. Because the other lists were SO popular...

1. On my first date ever (at age 22.....) we got chased by dogs in the country. Because we went to college in rural Georgia.

2. When I was 8 I got a hold of my mom's razor & ran it all over my body. Miraculously, I didn't get a single cut.

3. Over Christmas Break when I was 17 I went to have my wisdom teeth taken out. When they hooked me up to the monitor they saw there were some irregularities in my heartbeat so some tests were run & apparently I have PVC's, which are basically heart murmurs. I can still feel them every so often.

4. When I was 15 & 16 I went to a camp that was on the real life Dawson's Creek.

5. My first semester going to college in Toccoa my grandmother & mother would mail me clippings of "The Family Circus" because they knew how much I despised that comic strip.

6. Before going to camp when I was 16 I had my mom take me to the tanning bed so I wouldn't burn at camp. Well, the lady had me stay in way too long, naked at that, & I went two days in a row. I eventually was so burned that for a little while all I could do was lay on my bed naked. And then the tan didn't stick & I was just as white as before when I went to camp.

7. I've thought about shaving my head but it feels lumpy.

8. I wish I was black so there would be the slight chance that Morgan Freeman could be my grandfather.

9. When I was about 14 my uncle & cousin lived with my grandmother. Avid rednecks, they went hunting on a regular basis. My mother & I went over one day only to find a deer carcass, on its back, hooves cut off, headless, partly skinned just chilling under the carport. This in an average, middle class neighborhood. Nothing but class, those two.

10. Regardless of temperature or season, I have to have a fan on when I sleep.


Aubree said...

i'm the same with the fan. mine's a ceiling fan i don't know about yours. but yeah.

Andrew said...

Mine is a ceiling fan when I'm home. Otherwise it's just a regular floor fan. I actually have 2 in my room now, though they're both off because I can't sleep & I'm cold since I'm not under the covers. Or in bed. FYI.

Silentvoice said...

I'm a fan of fans too. I have put mine away for the winter though. I've never been on a sunbed but I once got a spray tan before going on holiday with my sisters (I'm like so pale people would think I was a goth even if I dressed normally!) And it totally wore off I am the girl who came home from the beach whiter than when she left, not many people can say that :)