Saturday, October 30, 2010

YOU Choose The Story

Ok. I'm going to make this a slightly interactive post. I'm going to let YOU guys pick what the next story I tell is. Whichever of the 3 stories get the most votes will be given the literature-treatment by ME! Wahoooo!!!! (Sorry, I just woke up so I'm in a pretty weird mood.)

So here are your choices. Choose wisely, dear readers.

1. The suicidal cook at Applebee's
2. Bisexual Wiccan
3. Pressing assault charges on a customer

I'm deciding to give myself a vote, so my vote is for the suicidal cook at Applebee's. But worry not, dear reader(s?)! I will write all 3 stories at some point soon. So really, this whole 'voting' thing is pretty pointless (but isn't it always?).

Sorry for all of the typos. I literally just woke up & now I'm about to go work from 8am-5pm with maybe a 30 minute break (their emphasis). I was scheduled a 30 minute break but we might be crazy busy because there's some school band shit today so we're supposed to be busy.


Abby said...

I vote for 3, but I am looking forward to hearing all of the stories!

usefultruth0408 said...

In order to split the vote, I'm voting for #1, but I agree with Abby, you should tell all three.

Andrew said...

You best believe I'll tell all 3. It's just a matter of timing. Which will be told first.

Aubree said...

oh shit wait i feel bad for the bisexual wiccan who has no votes so far. so i guess i'll vote for her.

Andrew said...

Ok so whoever gets the next vote is the winner. Or "winner" as the case may be.

Cinoda said...

#3 Please

Andrew said...

#3 won & I posted the story just now. Enjoy!