Friday, October 1, 2010


Do you know how awesome my Friday nights are? I just ate soup & I'm procrastinating working on a 3 page paper that's due Sunday. So far all I have is the title page. It won't be too hard (that's what she said) but I need to just get it done so I can get drunk by myself tomorrow night.

I work in the morning at 5:30 & get off at 11. Then I'm going home (...) to pick up some stuff that my mother doesn't want to mail because she is determined that since my street gets a lot of traffic that someone is going to steal my mail. But I have a coupon for Ruby Tuesday so I figure I can let them take me to lunch, get a free meal, get my stuff, & then be on my merry way.

Oh shit. My dad just texted me to remind me to do my traffic school for my non-speeding ticket because my mother won't quit nagging him. I just responded, "Grow a pair. I'm serious. She will never respect you if you keep letting her treat you like this."

I hope they still take me to lunch.


:) said...

procrasination makes me feel good. haha :)
nice blog.
check mine?

Andrew said...

Following you now. You should follow me back.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Congrats on calling dad out on that! As a guy with doormat issues myself, I appreciate people telling it to me straight.

:) said...

@andrew: kk. followed :)