Friday, December 10, 2010

Slight Update

It appears as if I may have found a place to live. I should know sometime next week.

On another note, I'm way too drunk for it to be a Thursday. And for having only drank 2 beers.

Also, here are two pictures of me holding an adorable baby this weekend while I was in Georgia. When his mom got pregnant while we attended Bible college I was one of the few people who helped keep her secret. I'm such a good friend.


radioactive girl said...

Cute baby! I had a bit of a panic at first thinking the drunk part and the baby part went together (in this post/picture...quite often in real life one is how you end up with the other I guess). Once I realized they were separate (right?) and that you weren't holding the baby while drunk I was fine and just enjoyed the cuteness. Guys holding babies is kind of my weakness.

Andrew said...

Ha! I was definitely not drunk while holding the baby. Though I did fall while holding him at one point. That was due to clumsiness.