Sunday, February 6, 2011

Guest Post! Holla!

So I decided to do my first ever guest post today! This is due partly because I don't feel like posting my own shit, but also because I want people to read the awesomeness that is Aubree, who hails all the way from Inspirational Me. You should follow her. But not in a creepy way.

Anyway, here is her post.

"Back last year when I was in a fit of annoyance over my demanding 16 unit school schedule, having to go to work and my complete lack of a social or dating life, someone from work suggested an online dating site (it was free, of course).

I'll pause for your laughter. Done? Okay, moving on.

Apparently she had 'tons of success!!' on there and got a few relationships out of it so I checked it out, mostly just to see how it worked. I filled out some questionnaires but never posted a picture, so naturally no responses came. Then, a few months ago, I remembered I had an account on there and put up a picture.

Some guy who lives pretty near me continuously contacted me and when he asked for my number, I didn't know how to say no. No matter how many times my response was "Lol" he always found something to reply to and wouldn't leave me alone. I tried to make him lose interest by being unfunny and boring, but to no avail. After not even knowing me for a week, he wanted to meet up.

I didn't really want to go, but since I have no spine and he seemed nice enough, I tentatively agreed. He asked where I live and, not being a total ass hat, I gave him a city near where I live. We were supposed to meet up at the entrance to this big shopping center near where I told him I live (it was actually pretty far from my house). I even told him I had work that night (I did not) so I'd have an excuse to bounce in case it sucked.

I felt really weird about going and things just seemed sketchy, like him telling me to lie to my parents about who I was hanging out with. After canceling and uncanceling a few times, I told him I was definitely canceling. I don't even know why he still wanted to meet up since I was being so hesitant and back and forth about it all! He tried a few times to get me to reconsider (am I really that charming and beautiful?) but I further declined.

I have since disabled my account and even though myself and potential killer are still friends on Facebook, we haven't talked since a few days after I bailed.

Oh, and Julie looked at all of his pictures on Facebook (I stupidly only looked at a few of them) and I guess he is big into comics and Star Wars and has pictures of himself at a convention where he shaved his head and painted it black and red like Darth Maul and glued horns on his head.

Crisis averted."


Aubree said...

he was also 6 years older than me and wouldn't stop bragging about how tall he was (like 6'1"?) i need to meet people in person, clearly.

Andrew said...

I could have told you that & I almost get abducted/molested on a daily basis.

Lex said...

that sounds like a nightmare.

Caleb said...

"I could have told you that & I almost get abducted/molested on a daily basis."


What's with people wanting to be "nice?"

Nice gets you lightsabered in a truckstop at a movie theater, eh?


Andrew said...

Caleb, I'm glad I could bring you the lulz.

And Lex, I know? Thank goodness she listens to her gut more than I do & cancelled.