Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nice Try, But I Never Stop Talking (Except For When I Do)

So at work we are having a promotion where certain beans are on sale, 2 lbs for $20. Management won't leave us alone about selling it & we are even ranked (& our hours may be dependent) on how many we sell. As a whole, we are supposed to sell 15 lbs a day. Well, that just doesn't really happen. But I digress...

I would ask people in the drive-thru if they drink coffee at home. Most people would listen, one even bought. But to those who didn't...they had this exchange.

Me: "Do you drink coffee at home?"
Customer: "I'm not interested."
Me: "Well, it's a good thing I'm stubborn because I'm going to finish what I was saying..."

It all depends on how you say these things. Honestly, I think that's the only reason I've never been fired from a customer service job. Just slap on a smile. Maybe give a little laugh. Then people don't realize how much you actually hate them & are probably insulting them.

I promise I'm not an ass in real life. I'm just tired of being treated rudely for no reason.

I think for a future post I will write down all of my best customer service related insults/exchanges. Thoughts?


Caleb said...

Yes please.

Andrew said...

Since I aim to please....maybe I'll get it written tonight.

Aubree said...

haha do itttt.
yeah at my job we have to get people to sign up for the store credit card and our hours depend on it (apparently i don't get enough sign ups and "am one of the biggest disappoints there") but people ALWAYS cut me off. bitches gotta listen anyway though i don't stop talking haha.

Laura said...

HA! I'm one of those people that say's no early on but I hope I'm not ridiculously rude. I see it as time saving...but I do it with a smile.

Laura x

Caleb said...

Laura! Quit stealing my followed blogs!