Friday, February 27, 2015

No Pictures, Please

Yesterday at work we were absolutely slammed. Due to the snow, we were understaffed (by about 6 people). Also due to the snow, once we opened 3 hours late there was a never ending line of customers inside & in the drive-thru.

I was on drive-thru (& no one called me ma'am over the speaker the entire day #huzzah) & about an hour before I was maybe going to get to leave, a lady said she didn't know what she wanted. I helped her order her drink, & all she could do was sing my praises. She also told me to not take this the wrong way, but she likes her coffee like she likes her men: strong & European. In my head I was thinking, "That makes literally no sense whatsoever" but I did my customer service laugh that I've perfected over the last 13 years & told her to pull up to the window.

When she got up to the window I was in the middle of taking the next order, which was (thankfully) a regular customer. As I looked through the window at her I saw that her eyes were kind of glassed over. When I opened it & started talking to her, I noticed that she was slurring a bit & seemed out of it. Trying to make conversation while I waited for the girl on bar to make her drink, I found out that she's heavily medicated & unemployed due to a disability; she referred to herself as "one of those lazy assholes who doesn't work." I just smiled & said, "Let me check on your drink" & closed the window. When I turned around I saw the drink was ready so I gave it to her to which she tasted it & loved it SO MUCH that she asked to take my picture. I said, "Uh, ok?" as she whipped out an old school digital camera & potentially stole my soul. Twice. She also asked for my manager's business card so she could tag me on Facebook. I didn't ask questions about how that was going to work. I just grabbed the card & sent her on her way.

When the regular behind her finally got to the window he was laughing & asked if he could take my picture as well. Then he asked if he could pinch my cheeks while he was at it. That segued into a story about how I once had a customer pinch my cheeks.

God, my job is bizarre sometimes.

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