Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ants in my pants (fo' realz)

Ok, so my apartment has a bit of an infestation. With ants. Lots of them. And they aren't just the little tiny cute ones. No, it also has the bigger ones as well.

They are on my dresser.

They are on my bathroom ceiling.

They crawl out of my sink drain.

They are occasionally on my pillow as a type.

They are in the kitchen cabinets.

They are in my underwear (I know...)

It drives me crazy. And it's not like I can blame My Giant for this because Lord knows I would if I could. But it seems as if the ants have more of an affection for me than for my tall friend. It's flattering in a way, & I am extremely honored to have this attention, but...there are bugs.


Those of you that know me know I'm a clean person! I hate getting dirty & don't play when it comes to hygiene. I don't want to get an exterminator (the school would take care of it. My Giant checked) because then I'd have to move all of my stuff around & also I feel like that would be more cruel than if I took care of the problem on my own (which right now consists of me either pouring water on them or spraying them with hair product).

And everytime I force one to cease to live, I always think of the poor ant from "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids" & how I cried for hours after that damn scorpion killed him.

Poor little guy. He just wanted to help!

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Meara said...

Damn Andrew, that's hell! Maybe it would still be better to have the school take care of it, though. Their means of extermination might be less painful for the bugs than water or hair products...
I warn you: Bugs are terrible in FL....