Friday, September 18, 2009

I finally went this week

I finally went to the beach this week. I got a slight burn, but I've had much worse. Such as the time Xian put sunscreen on my back, put too much, then proceeded to rub it ALL off. When I said why it happened, he got all defensive & said, "It's not my fault! Don't even THINK of blaming me." Or that time I was gonna go to camp & didn't want to get burned or look like paper so my mom took me to the tanning bed & the woman had me go for 15 minute intervals about 2 or 3 days, naked. And I was so burned my skin was almost purple & all I could do was basically stay in my room, nakie & alone. And I STILL went to camp white as a ghost!

Anyway, picture. I know it's not some great picture or anything, but I couldn't really see what I was taking because it was on my phone & the sun was shining.

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Andrew said...

I can't get the formatting right on this. Get over it.