Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why I need to find a good job

So Sunday at work was quite the experience. While I'm used to working with douchebags & can more than handle my own, I've never experienced such a hostile work environment before. A little elaboration may be in order...

I went to work on Sunday night not looking forward to it, but that's to be expected. What wasn't to be expected was the hatred emanating from the cooks. Apparently, they hate me so much that they can't even function at their jobs, which was suspect to begin with. The broil cook (the guy on the grill) wouldn't look at me or speak to me. Yet. The guy on the fryer didn't say much. The guy on broil, when putting the plates on the expo line under the heaters, he didn't set them down. He kind of flung/tossed them. I found his immaturity quite funny, & the servers were very confused. Then, we were short a steak & I noticed it, but didn't say anything hoping that maybe we weren't actually short one. Besides, most of the temps & sides were the same so it wasn't that big of a deal.

Well, eventually the lack of steak caught up to us & the cook started arguing with me. And it got somewhat heated (eh, pun intended but not a big deal if not). One of the managers got involved & I was getting worked up & he was like, "Calm down. Now, what's wrong?" My response was a heavy sigh, followed by, "First, I hate this fucking job. Secondly......." & something else that isn't important. Eventually, I don't think that manager believed me when I said it wasn't my fault, but whatever.

Later on, we got kind of busy & the cooks were bumping the orders before they were ready, but I wasn't bumping them on my side because, as I said, they weren't ready. This also drives up the ticket times & makes the cooks look incompetent :) Me too, but at this point I didn't care. The other manager takes over expoing & I'm just helping wherever. One of the "nicer" cooks asked for a water & I didn't see any cups so I gave him a to-go cup. The manager then flipped out & asked who gave him that & when I said it was me, he starts yelling at me. Internally I said, "Fuck this shit" & started yelling back at him. And then I accidently hit him in the head with a appetizer/Ultimate Trio tray. Slowly the shift calmed down, but I had completely checked out by that point.

I have got to get a real job. I looked at my checking account tonight & while not horrendous, there is no way at this rate that I'm gonna be able to continue to support myself making $4.50 an hour & tipshare which the max thus far has been $14. I also sell a lot of stuff online but that isn't consistant at all. I finished my resume tonight & I just need the lady at the school to review it & I'm gonna send that bad boy out there.

P.S. I know a lot of people would say I'm being disrespectful by yelling at my manager, but I disagree. I didn't disobey him at all. If he had told me before not to do it, I wouldn't have done it. But by yelling at me that opens up a whole new situation. I don't give a flying crap who you are: you have no right to yell at me or anyone else & if you do yell at me, you're gonna get it back. If you're gonna disrespect me like that, then you've brought it on yourself. Any of the two of you who read this know I'm a very nice person, but I can be a sassy mouth when provoked. That's all this was.

P.P.S. I almost quit but decided against it because I didn't want to give them the satisfaction of thinking they were the cause of it. Also, I think it's so funny that these people give me so much power over them & I wanna see what happens with that. This happened when I first started at Jersey Mike's Subs. They hated me so much because I was kind of quiet & not a redneck & tried to get me to quit for a while, & then tried to get me fired by writing me up for stuff I had no control over/wasn't my fault. I knew what was going on & enjoyed how much I pissed them off. I eventually ended up getting along with them, then quitting, then coming back a year later & working off & on when I was in town from college. And then I was gonna try to go back this summer & they said no.

And for worse or worse, it is SOME kind of income until I get something better.

P.P.P.S. During the yelling, my manager said the to-go cups were $1. When he gave me my tipshare silently (minus a few mumbles), I almost handed him a $1. But I honestly could not handle any more drama that night.

Yeah, my ass is probably quitting/getting fired this weekend.

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