Sunday, March 7, 2010

Space Cases

No one else probably remembers this show (including my parents who actually used to watch it with me), but it's called "Space Cases." And I loved it. Hey look! There's the cast now!

I used to have a huge crush on the pink girl, Rosie. She was from Mercury! Because that's realistic.

But no, I used to love this show & I'm not sure why. I always knew it wasn't very good quality (I mean, it came on Nickelodeon, though it was before it completely went down the shitter), but I watched it every week & even played it out in my grandma's backyard. It's pretty much a representation of the innocence that has died within me with age.

But anyway, the point of this post is basically just to point out that I found a Channel on Youtube that has every episode & I'm going to veg out & watch ALL OF THEM. This is what productive adults (patooey!) do when they have no pressing school work or a demanding (or any) social life.

Also, the original Black Power Ranger, Walter Emmanuel Jones, was on the show & that was so cool. Especially because I never thought I'd see him work again after he got fired from "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" & because every normal 10 year old thinks about stuff like that (I was 8 when he left "Power Rangers" but 10 when he was on "Space Cases." I really wish I had a more exciting childhood).

ETA: I don't find the show humorous. I don't even think I ever really did. But I still loves it.


Maggie said...

You liked ROSIE?? That's unbelievable. Although I had a crush on the kid from Pluto (Bova, as in "Bova thinks that nothing's funny," pretty rough life).

Thanks for being the first thing that comes up that isn't surf controlled when I need a picture of Rosie from Space Cases!

Andrew said...

Ya know what? I do what I can. And I'm glad to help.