Monday, March 29, 2010

Interview to nowhere

One of the higher-up professors in my Grad program sends out an e-mail newsletter with all of the job listings in the area within our field, which has been awesome. Unfortunately, it hasn't been very helpful (though I did score that interview last month). However, on Wednesday we got a mid-week e-mail detailing 2 positions open for the same job at the same agency working as a Substance Abuse Prevention officer for high school students. "Great," I think, "I'm thinking about getting an extra Master's in Addictions anyway." So I call & leave a message. No call back. Thursday I call again. I talk to that lady, who seems ecstatic to interview me THAT VERY AFTERNOON!

So I get ready for the interview. I shave. I take out my earring. I make myself look as professional (& hott!) as possible without overkilling with a suit (basically, I'm wearing what I wore to my grandma's visitation last year: nice blue polo shirt & khakis). I go in & start filling out the application while the receptionist (who could do for an attitude adjustment) seems confused. Turns out she has a right to be confused.

My stupid ass is at the wrong building.

The building I need is the one behind where I am. So I hoof it back there with 2 minutes to spare for my interview. I fill out the new application & go in for my interview. The lady really likes me but has bad news. Apparently, there was a miscommunication & the job I thought I was interviewing for wasn't open, & the job that she wanted to interview me for conflicted with my classes. So no job.

But she really liked me & is keeping my resume for later in case something opens up. I told her that I appreciated the interview & that any interview experience is good experience & that she is very nice (ugh).

Then I went home, changed into my Pokemon shirt, skinny jeans, & flip flops, went to Great Wraps & went to class, where there may or may not have been drama...

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