Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just a few

I was going to pay part of my credit card bill yesterday when I checked my checking account to see how much money I had in it. When I saw, I knew there had to be a mistake, but I went ahead & paid the minimum balance. I checked my online register to see when my direct deposits went through & couldn't find them, leading me to believe I had gone 3 months without getting paid. So I traipse my irritated behind to the HR department to see what was going on. I got on a computer there to show the lady & surprise surprise: I found the deposits. Meaning that I looked like an asshole (but a polite one) & also that once my minimum payment clears I'll REALLY only have $78 in my checking account.

I called my dad & he said he'll put some money in when he can. I'm so tired of being financially dependent on my parents.

Also, I may have a sleep disorder. I thought it was normal to wake up during the night occasionally, seeing as my mother does & I've done it my whole life. Apparently not. Now my counselor has put me on a restricted evening diet to see what happens.

And my grandfather who I have absolutely no relationship with may have lung cancer. I still don't want him to suffer.

But hey, I'm doing well in school!


Renee Marie said...

Sorry to hear about your grandfather.

Andrew said...

It's frustrating because while I don't really like him one way or the other, I still don't want him to go through that. And it would be tough on my dad.