Sunday, July 18, 2010


According to Dixie, who talked to the supervisor who let me go, I was fired because my wonderful partner told them that I never did room checks over night & was afraid of the clients.

That's awesome. Of course I never got a chance to defend myself or talk badly about her because I was too busy doing her job while she slept every single fucking night. Or I was getting fired because I was thrown under the bus for absolutely no reason.

Here is the truth: I did do room checks. Almost every night. Some nights I was more tired than others & did sleep, but I never slept as much as she did. In fact, some nights I checked all of the clients when my only real responsibility were the guys. And no, I was not afraid of the clients. I would have my lovely partner wake them up if we had to check a blood pressure because I hate waking people up & also because sometimes people hit when they are woken up.

That's it. So that's nice to know.

On a more positive note, I had a nice time visiting people at church today (shout out to Rebecca & Rachel. Holla!). And tomorrow I'm probably going to Raleigh to visit Salem who is with his family while on a break from Toccoa.

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Rebecca J-G said...

Shout out back to ya! I told Rachel, but she does not read this blog. Why shatter her stellar impressions of you? that you are passing out your blog link, I no longer feel special. I may just go sulk awhile.