Sunday, July 25, 2010

It Was My Birthday!

So apparently Thursday was my birthday. It was actually a pretty good day, to be honest. I hung out with Salem for most of it in Raleigh, then came back home to Rocky Mount to go out to eat with my mom (my dad was still in Toccoa). Then Salem & I went back to Raleigh to go drink (we ended up playing pool with his younger brother).

I had numerous Facebook comments, so obviously I'm loved. Granted, only 2 people called me (Alexis & Robyn). Not even my dad called (he texted me before I woke up). But it's ok. I had an awesome dinner, actually spent it with someone who wasn't trying to get me stupid-drunk, & wasn't bogged down in presents (I didn't even really ask for anything).

The only negative I can think of aside from the fact that people tended to forget it was my birthday (which is fine because I actually thought I had an extra week until a few days prior) is that I'm now almost halfway to 50.

And my new driver's license has finally arrived so hopefully now I won't be accused of having a fake.

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