Friday, July 2, 2010


Today was one of those days where you just don't wanna do anything at all. After waking up around 12:30pm, I dragged myself to (semi) get ready to meet one of my counselors at 2:00. Sucks that once I got there & saw he wasn't there, I called him only to find out he had gotten in a minor wreck as he was leaving his neighborhood to meet me.


He is ok (he's 78) but obviously, no meeting today. So I started heading home when my gas light came on. Of course the freeway got backed up for some reason & I was panicking that I would run out of gas. But fear not! faithful readers. I made it off an exit & got gas.

Then I proceeded to lay in bed for the next 5 hours, got Chipotle, laid in bed for a while, went to work & picked up my check (since I remembered that the banks are closed on Monday so I need to deposit it tomorrow), & went to Wal-Mart to pick up a $4 bottle of wine (classy). I've now polished off the entire bottle & I'm talking to one of my cousins on Facebook who is currently tripping on shrooms, having just come back from a Phish concert.

Oh, my family.

Expect a post soon of me posting a shit-ton of pictures. I'm feeling nostalgic.


Caitlin said...

pictures? i like pictures :]

Rebecca J-G said...

OK...some random remarks...UMmmm your counselor is 78? I'm sorry, but I'm not sure he can relate to your issues. Maybe I'm very wrong, but my gut reaction is NO.
Gas light...don't you HATE those things? My 'relatively new' Trailblazer has a new trick. I fill it up, then the fuel gauge goes to empty and the low fuel message comes on, then the low fuel bell starts and continues...after several minutes the gauge will go up a bit, then drop suddenly and the light comes on--whole process starts again. Everyday is a challenge. Is it empty? Full? when did I fill it?
Dave took my car to the store today. Came home and told me he filled up the car because he couldn't deal with the 'reminders'. Who knows how much is in there now...
It's 'just the sensor' says Vester. OK, but last time I was there for a minor warranty-covered repair it took 6 hrs. I just can't stand the thought of dealing with them right now.
Last thought...mushrooms. Ahhhh, now there is an organic experience that requires a special degree of commitment. Haven't thought of that in years.
I'll be talking to you this week I hope. We're actually going to the beach Monday. David is off work and the cancer center is road trip! Maybe we can chat Tuesday? We'll see.

Get some gas.
And stop drinking alone.

Andrew said...

Well Caitlin, I'm glad you like pictures because you're in some of them.

And Rebecca, he's just one of my counselors. He's actually more like a life-coach. Tuesday works for me, too. Have fun at the beach!

And I would kill your Trailblazer.