Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It Happened

We all knew it was coming.

While I was off this weekend I got a text from my partner telling me that my shift Sunday wasn't covered, then suddenly it was. Weird.

Then Monday I got a text from her telling me to call her, which I did. It was to tell me that this new guy who was working for me this weekend had told her that he was under the impression that his regular shifts would be my Saturday & Sunday 8pm-8am shifts. So we both figured I was being fired, but perhaps I was going to be moved. In preparation, I typed up my notice so I could turn it in either today (Tuesday) or tomorrow (Wednesday).

Too bad I got a call this morning from my non-bitchy supervisor telling me that my 90-day probation period was up (all employees go through that when they are hired) & they weren't going to continue having me work. I told him I figured. He then asked if I would be willing to still pick up shifts if they needed someone to fill in. I told him I would if it was compatible with my availability.

So there's that. I'm not bitter. I'm just pissed at myself for not quitting first. I mean, I have my stupid resignation letter on the taskbar of my laptop when I got the call! But such is life. All I can do now is move on. My next step is going back home for a bit, visit my mom, go to Raleigh & see if that's where I want to live, then go back to Toccoa to help my dad move (since he got a job back home). So who knows.


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Rebecca J-G said...

AWW...even though I knew this when I read it, the post still makes me sad. I know you wanted to have the 'upper hand' but you know what? -- to coin a popular phrase--
"It is what it is!"
You'll survive and thrive, because you are ANDREW the MAGNIFICENT! Seriously. I have faith in you.