Friday, January 7, 2011

Most Boring Post Yet? Perhaps.

I got pulled over last night because the car I was driving (belonging to my mother) had an expired registration & inspection sticker. I've been driving it since I moved to Raleigh because my Focus was on its last leg & my parents didn't want me to explode. However, they told me I didn't need to take care of anything until January. Turns out they were wrong.

I thought about it earlier this week about how I needed to get it done so I texted my mom, who told my dad, who texted me, saying it was actually December. Lovely. I have been working from early morning until late afternoon this whole week (until today) so I haven't had time to get it done. While I was leaving my small group at church I saw a cop next to me, & I knew what was going to happen.

And it did.

Luckily he was nice, young, & possibly flirting with me. I told him the truth, & that I was going to go tomorrow (today) & get it inspected. He let me leave.

I got it inspected today & passed. Accidently. He said he didn't mean to pass me since the metal was showing on one of the tires. Oops. So I got 2 new tires today when I came home to visit my parents.

I also almost brought The Rage on a lady who worked at Wal-Mart but that story won't translate well to blog.

I also realized that quite a few of the people at Wal-Mart today looked like they had Down's Syndrome on top of their typical slow appearances.

Also, Verizon can suck a fat one. That's a different post altogether.

Could this be my most boring, rambling post ever? Perhaps. I'm a terrible blogger.


Aubree said...

this walmart rage intrigues me.

and ten bucks says the cop was flirting with you.

Penny Lane said...

Naturally the cop was flirting with you....

But, more so, I don't think it is the most boring post ever. You have left us with a cliff hanger as to why Verizon can suck a fat one, and what happened at Wal Mart.

Caleb said...

If you're ever unsure of whether your story is interesting or not, just add "And then I found $20!" to the end of it.

Andrew said...

Caleb, I do say that sometimes. Another good one is to end with, "And then I stabbed him!"

Penny & Aubree, I guess this means I will have to do a post about Verizon & Wal-Mart next, eh?