Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why I Almost Brought The Rage At Wal-Mart

Since apparently my rage issues at Wal-Mart & with Verizon have become the talk of my blog (you guys are lame), that's what I'll write about next. First, Wal-Mart.

So I went home to get away from Skidmark & also deal with the Verizon issue. But on top of that, I needed to get new tires since they almost failed me on my inspection because the metal was showing in one of them (oops). So my dad set-up for me to get new tires at Wal-Mart. And I went.

As I drove around to the car section, I see that there is both a tire lane & an oil lane. The tire lane was blocked off so I got into the oil lane, hoping for some direction. That direction came in the form of a woman who mumbled so badly I couldn't understand her very well aside from her telling me I needed to get into the tire lane. I told her I couldn't pull over there, so she moved part of the barrier for me. I get in the tire lane. She then comes over waving her arms (way to be dramatic, precious) & tells me in a snotty tone of voice (I could tell it was snotty because she enunciated more than before) that I needed to park in the parking lot & they would come get my car. I told her in a slightly snotty tone (because I can't fully commit sometimes) that I was just doing what she told me, & she agreed.

Wait. What?

So she moves yet ANOTHER barrier so I can go park. I peel over there (which made quite the statement in a gold Ford Taurus [remember, it belongs to my mother]) & stomp my way inside. Every time I saw her after that I gave her an evil glare.

And almost everyone I saw looked like they had Down's Syndrome.

Verizon post will be separate.


Caleb said...

Headline: "Angry Wal-Mart employee scuffles with customer there for new tires"

Hmm. That'd make your mom proud, right?

You could totally kick her ass.

Aubree said...

you could've taken the bitch.
and the mob of us that is your readers, we are only satisfied for now. we demand to hear the details about verizon. i suggest you comply or face our wrath!

Andrew said...

Bring it. That's what I say about every situation.

Also, she was a Sassy Black Woman so I don't know how well that would work. I've taken on my share of them & won but I was at a disadvantage due to my sitting down.

Verizon story is forthcoming.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Those Down's kids can be downright surly.