Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quite Pointless But Deal With It

Tonight my co-worker Madison & I went to Applebee's because she has never been before (she's obviously lived a privileged life). She thought it was amazing (she's 18. Cut her some slack).

That's not the point of the story (though it would be awesome & possibly the worst story ever told) (I have a lot of parenthetical thought, don't I?). The point is that during a song, I heard what sounded like a guitar making a fart noise but didn't say anything. Then it happened again. And again. By this point, Madison & I looked at each other & started laughing. And then it was nothing but farting noises coming over the speaker system. AND we were the only people laughing or having any reaction at all. It got to the point that we were crying due to laughing so hard.

......& that's where babies come from.


Penny Lane said...


Caleb said...

I've wanted to create a blog (or sub blog, if that were possible) of boring short stories. If I do, I'd like to borrow your first paragraph.

Andrew said...

Penny, I know, right?

And're a turd.

Andrew said...

But yeah, you can use my first paragraph.