Monday, January 10, 2011

Why I Want To Bring The Rage Onto Verizon

So here is the damn blog about my Verizon problems.

When we got cell phones back in the early/mid-2000's, my parents & I were all about some Altell. But when my dad moved to Georgia in 2007 for his job (conveniently "coincidentally" in the same small town I went to college) he began an account with Verizon. Once my contract was up with Altell, he put me on his plan for Verizon. Wonderful. I loved them. We had no problems, aside from the battery-life of my phone being shit after a while.

Then last year before I moved to Florida, it was time for an upgrade so I got the EnV3 (my mother had the EnV2 & loved it). I had a hard time adjusting to the keyboard & it had difficulty taking pictures but overall I was happy. Until it began turning itself off. I had assorted problems over the next year & it got to the point where I had to get a new one. Unfortunately, the issue with the camera was so bad that all of my pictures that had been transferred from my previous phone were forever lost. Some of those were 3 years old, & others had sentimental value (such as the last picture I got to take with my grandmother a month before she died, though luckily I put that on Facebook).

They gave me a new EnV3, but it wouldn't let me access my voicemail & also had my number as unavailable when I called people. They couldn't fix that, so I got a new EnV3. This one.

This one also turns itself off at will, but the problem right now is that the speaker is broken. I also have to slam the send & end button to get them to work. The alarm still works. I can still play my ringtones. But I can't talk on the phone. That is a problem indeed.

So I went to Verizon over by where I work. The employee said it was unfixable (but didn't say anything about the speaker) & that my warranty was up so I am S.O.L. I decided that this was a time to get my dad involved, since the account is in his name.

That was why I went home the other day. After the tire incident my dad & I went to Verizon. That was when we were told about the speaker. We were also told that I could buy a used phone but that was all I could do. I told them that honestly, this is their problem since it's my 3rd fucking phone in a year so obviously their product sucks. We also mentioned that we were thinking about cancelling our plan. Didn't do any good.

So now I'm stuck with a phone I can only text on, & whenever I can hear someone on the other end, their voice is incredibly distant & they sound like the teacher from "Charlie Brown" ("Wah wah wah wah wah").

I told my dad to write a letter to the C.E.O. I'm not going down without a fight. Especially if I can use my dad as a warrior & he can take the blows.


Caleb said...

Always fight, and stay persistent. They like to weed out the weak who will give up after one or two tries, and happily deal with the minority who will hound and hound them.

And keep climbing the chain of higher-ups. Eventually you'll get to someone whose only job is to make whiners happy.

True story.

Corey said...

oh my god i am so sick of Verizon too. which reminds me...i have to call them. ick. i have put it off because i have been dreading it.

Andrew said...

It's the worst.