Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Suicidal Applebee's Cook

A while back I promised I'd write about the suicidal cook at Applebee's. Well, the time has come for me to share this story with the world...

It was fall in 2008 & a week night. My girlfriend at the time (during the 2 weeks we dated before I broke up with her) were bored so we went to Applebee's. Please note that the town we went to college in is ridiculously small & Applebee's was the only non-fast food, non-ethnic (Mexican or Chinese) restaurant in the whole place. It was also where I worked & wanted to eat cheaply since I was one of the only employees they let eat with a discount off the clock.

Anyway. GF & I were there, talking to the two waitresses still there (who also went to school with us) & the manager. One of the cooks, Tom, who was a known drug dealer/user was also there & had been pacing around the dining room & acting more weird than normal, but I didn't think much of it. Then I saw him run out of the kitchen & go out the side door, quickly followed by my manager, who returned back inside shortly. That was when he informed us that Tom had taken one of the prep knives & sliced his right arm. Tom was freaking out & acting violent in the parking lot, but my manager was already in the process of calling 911. The paramedics eventually arrived & carted Tom to the ER while the rest of us were in shock. All of us, that is, except for the dishwasher: a large black guy nicknamed "Debo" (I'm using his real nickname because seriously....). Debo wasn't upset at all. Instead, he was pissed because he had already cleaned the floors & now had to do it again because of the blood.

On the subject of blood...let's just say there was a lot. As Tom ran by the side stations where the extra sauces, napkins, a some of the computers are located, he trailed and splashed blood. On bottles. On the counter. The carpet. All of it.

Anyway, it turns out he did it because he was so hopped up on drugs & was upset because another cook, a female, had rejected him so he decided that was the best course of action. And to this day, he doesn't have full use of his hand because he had sliced his arm completely to the bone, causing irreparable damage.


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Yikes. And to this day, Debo is still pissed about having to give that second polishing to the floor.

Good post, man!!

Andrew said...

He seriously is, though! Whenever I go back to visit & that story comes up, he immediately starts bitching about cleaning up the blood.

One time, around the time I was about to leave there to move to Florida last year, this other guy & I took ketchup & put it all over the toilet in the ladies room. It looked so fake (which was the point) but we told Debo someone had period'd all over the toilet. He went in & started yelling, though he was near tears. I couldn't keep him in the dark for too long, & he ended up thinking it was hilarious.

It seems like this story turned more into "Debo vs. Blood" than it did "Druggie tries to off himself."

Penny Lane said...

oh wow, that must have been lively for everyone involved.

And that's why drugs are bad...mmmkay