Monday, July 18, 2011

Birthday Story 1

It's my birthday week, so every day this week I'm going to post a story about some past birthday extravaganza or whatever. Since I don't have much time today I'm going to write a short piece about my one & only surprise party.

When I was 15, I was well aware of the fact that I didn't have many friends (I had literally 1 friend). As my 16th birthday approached, I told my mother that I wanted a surprise party. She said ok. Well, that was easy.

The day after my birthday was a Wednesday which meant I had youth group at church. As my dad & I were heading there (my mom was already conveniently there) my dad took a wrong turn "accidently". I thought it was really stupid, but I sometimes think my dad is stupid so it wasn't THAT big of a stretch. We finally got to the church & my 1 friend Cooper was there. He kept talking to me & talking to me & trying to distract me but I hate being late so I pushed by him into the youth room. That was when I saw my mom, my youth leader, & about 5 other youth group members there.

I ruined the surprise.


On top of that, my mother didn't tell anyone in advance so hardly anyone had shown up, nor did I get any presents. At least she tried.

But hey, it's better than how my ACTUAL birthday had been the day before. I had gone to driver's ed, then gone to Raleigh for a terrible counseling session, followed by Olive Garden where I almost immediately had an allergic reaction to something & my father had to literally carry me out of the restaurant because I couldn't walk.


That 20 Something Virgin. said...

all things considered (the olive garden debacle, the counseling session) the most heinous aspect of this story is that you didn't get any presents. really? that's all birthdays are good for!

Andrew said...

I got presents from my parents & grandmother on my actual birthday but none from anyone else.

Caleb said...

How do things in your life just turn to awesome, hilarious, shit?

I feel for you, but... still funny.

Reminds me of when I didn't have many friends any my mom organized a skating party for my birthday. She didn't even invite a bunch of strange kids- I had to beg kids I knew from school to come skate for free. It was an epic birthday fail. Nice try, mom.

Andrew said...

I have no idea, but they really do. I'm glad I can look at it from the perspective of it being sad but also funny how this crap keeps happening to me.

God love 'em, mom's do try.