Monday, February 9, 2015

My Pet

We aren't allowed to have pets of any kind in my apartment complex (obviously they've never met my roommates). 

A few months ago I found a dead bug next to my desk; he appeared to be deader than dead. I put him in a paper towel & took him to the trash can in my room. In transit, it felt like he was moving & lo & behold, he was. Homeboy immediately started crawling around. I freaked out a little & sprayed him with some cleaner but immediately felt guilty so I walked away hoping to never see him again.

When I got back from work that night I checked the trash can & he was gone; I figured that he had just fallen further down into the trash & I called it a day. The next day, however, guess who is back in the same exact spot next to my desk: Homeboy. I was freaked out so I immediately went to the Wikipedias to investigate. It turns out that the species of bug that Homeboy is hibernates during winter, & I guess there's a certain spot that they're drawn to (in this case, the area between my desk & my TV). I didn't have the heart to kill him, or put him outside, so....he's just been chilling in my room. He's kind of turned into my pet, to be honest. I know it makes me sound like I'm crazier than a shit-house rat, but knowing Homeboy is in here makes me feel a little less lonely.

Today I checked on him & saw that he was on his back. I really hope that was a defense mechanism & he isn't really dead. I'm going to leave him there for a little while longer until it starts warming up to see if he springs back to life or if he really is dead.

God, I sound crazy.

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Kenneth Noisewater said...

Just because you now have a pet bug that you're worried about doesn't make you lonely or crazy. It makes you interesting.