Saturday, March 5, 2011


So last night I went out with some people from my church group. There is one girl who comes around every so often who has a lot of social issues (more than me) & is incredibly moody (I shall call her Julie). Things were going well for a while: we went to a terrible Italian restaurant, then some art galleries (where I had to go outside because I was feeling like I was going to have an anxiety attack). After that, we went to a bar in downtown Raleigh. Things were still going well until Julie gets into one of her moods where she starts attacking everyone.

Usually it just annoys me but I keep my mouth shut. But this time I was incredibly sick of it. She had called all of us "straight-laced" & it made no sense, so I asked if she knew what it meant because if she did, then she wouldn't be saying that about us. That flustered her a bit & she was quiet for a few minutes, but started criticizing other people & I said, "Why do you feel like you have to constantly criticize us every time we go out?" That also got her to be quiet for a little bit. I didn't say it harshly, but just as a matter-of-fact.

To smooth the situation over some, I took a salt shaker & threw a little bit of salt on her, telling her she had been "a-salted." She didn't respond, but I (& a few others) found it endlessly hilarious.

After a while she got pissed off again & left, this after she threatened another girl in our group TWICE that she was going to punch her in the face. The same girl who helped her straighten her hair & look good for the night. No good deed....

I still think the salt incident was funny...


Aubree said...

the salt thing is funny whenever i try to do stuff like that i usually end up throwing wayyyy too much.
i had a friend like this a while ago haha one time she got pissed at me and this other girl and was like 'grrr just take me home' so we got in my car and she was like wait i don't feel like going home yet. i was like too bad suckaaaa your ass is gettin dropped off now.
yeah, that anecdote wasn't really related but whatever. bitches know i do what i want.

Andrew said...

Yup! Things with her are always quite tumultuous. We all know she's had a hard life, but so has everyone. Her story & mine share quite a few similarities & I don't act like a raging asshole.

I do have to say that I enjoy reading her angry FB statuses though. She talks about how she's done with everyone & hates us all, but then expects us to give her rides since she doesn't drive. I don't give her rides though since she's told me she had a crush on me (she gets & loses crushes every day) so I don't think it would be appropriate to be alone in a car with her.

Aubree said...

oh yeah i think you told me about her. or someone else who had a crush on you (i hate calling it that, 'crush', how did that phrase even start)
she's gonna throw herself at you! :o

Andrew said...

Do we blame her, though?