Monday, May 3, 2010

Well whadaya know?

Today I got the official word that the school isn't renewing the contract with the apartment I live in & have to be moved out by May 15th. This pissed me off & when I get pissed, I get pro-active. So I called the number of a potential apartment place & asked if they still have room. And they did! So I went & checked it out.

This all happened in the span of about an hour.

So I was almost homeless in two weeks for about an hour.

The apartment itself isn't spectacular but it's nice enough. Great location (right across from Barnes & Noble & the sushi place I love. I could literally throw something from my balcony & hit Barnes & Noble). Less than 10 minutes walking to school. Only $435 a month which is GREAT for West Palm Beach. Only downside is...I have to share a bedroom because there will be 3 other guys living there. But for the price, location, & the desperation I feel, that's awesome. Plus it will get me around people more & maybe I can make more friends.

Also feeling the desperation? My Giant. He started talking to me today while I was walking on campus (& talking to my dad on the phone. Rude) about how he found a 1 bedroom/1 loft place about 10 minutes away from school for $499. I wonder who would get stuck with the loft...

Though it might would be a better decision space-wise, I cannot with good conscience live with him again. And does he not remember last semester at all? Did he forget about how he ASKED RESIDENCE LIFE TO MOVE ME OUT?!

So what did I do? I told him to talk to me about it later. I'm a dumbass.


Rebecca J-G said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! You're not a dumbass, you the very core of your being...a Christian guy with the love of Christ. You didn't want to shove his face in your intense dislike for his half-assed attempt to reel you back into the tar you took the high road and - well - put it off. It's ok...pray that the Lord will send him a perfect roommate. There has to be one out there! Perhaps then he'll just forget you exist. At least you shouldn't have to be seeing him everyday.
I checked out his page...could only see the one pic. He is amazingly normal looking. I don't know what I was expecting.
Stay cool, stay in school and don't drool.
Love you!

Renee Marie said...

OK, so jealous over that Barnes & Noble thing! The sushi I could do without, but the books! Not a chance. Glad everything worked out for you though in the end. (Even if you have to shard a bedroom)