Tuesday, May 11, 2010


My potential roommate bailed on me last night while I was at work. I received a text asking if I could talk (I knew then what it was) so I just called him & he broke the news that moving this week was too soon for him. Which left me with 5 days to find somewhere to go.

Luckily, a guy I know through my counselor knows a guy at his church who has a 3 bedroom house & already rents out one of his rooms, so there's a possibility I could be moving there. It's supposedly a nice house & neighborhood. And there's a pool so maybe I'll be able to learn how to swim better. I called the guy tonight & he said he'd pray about it & get back with me tomorrow. I almost said that we could skip the praying because I know God doesn't want me homeless & just get on with the show, but that would have been rude & I respect that he wanted to pray about it.

If God tells him no, I'm screwed. I will have exhausted practically every avenue I have.

On another note, I'm behind on my schoolwork already. Gone are the days of yore when I was weeks ahead. I think most of it has to do with me wasting 3 days apartment-hunting with someone who was WASTING MY TIME!


Duncan said...

I hope the big man up above is on your side.

Rebecca J-G said...

Please let us know as soon as you find out. I'm sure the guy wanted to pray because it impacts his life too...and wants to be sure he's not responding to your need without considering his cost. It's all so complicated. When stuff like this happens, its always interesting to realize that God knew all this was going to happen anyway, and He is waiting to see how you respond to it. You're supposed to be learning something. I don't know what, but this whole thing has a purpose in your life. Everything that David and I are going through really sucks, but I know there's a purpose. The hard part is getting past my whining flesh to allow the real purpose to shine through.
It'll all turn out...I know it. I'm pretty sure God doesn't want to piss you off.... :)

Andrew said...

I'm such a good whiner, too.

Hopefully said Big Man is on my side. The bad thing is we never know what's gonna happen.