Sunday, June 6, 2010


So the new guy at work already got fired. No one liked him & he was really rude to the clients. Yesterday while a client was trying to talk to him about his life, my co-worker told him that he was above him & didn't need to listen to him. This turned into a big argument with screaming, cussing, & eventually my co-worker making a gesture as if he was masturbatin'. One of the head people happened to be there, saw it, told the supervisor who called the head supervisor ("Love Chunks", as the clients respectfully refer to her) & he was promptly sent home. I was called in & worked 16 hours last night.

For the most part it went well, aside from 2 guys absolutely refusing to listen to me. They keep wandering around into other peoples' apartments & wearing sleeveless shirts or no shirts at all. Of course last night one guy had 4 of his Trazadone pills stolen, so I'm sure shit is gonna hit the fan regarding that.

And I have a bit of a neck cramp from sleeping on the floor with only my outer shirt as a pillow :(


Rebecca J-G said...

Ok, so now I see why you were called in...glad you have more self-control than that guy. He sounds like he needs to work at Taco Bell.

I'm curious about the 'not listening to you' part. Why do they have to listen? Are there consequences if they DON'T listen (do you have any power over them)? Honestly, why would they do what you tell them unless there is some sort of 'discipline' for their infraction? Just curious.
I assume there are 'rules' and they are breaking rules,right? (I mean, you're not just playing Simon Says). So what have you been told about enforcing rules? Seems like there is something left out of the equation, and you are set up for failure in this matter. Are the clients who comply, doing so just out of the goodness of their hearts?

Still hoping you have a new life just over the horizon. :)

Andrew said...

There are rules that the Counselor Assistants are to enforce. When they don't follow them they get written up in the log book we have to do every shift & talked to by their therapist. There may be consequences but usually not.

It basically is set up for failure. Most of the older guys listen to me & some of the younger guys as well, but most of the younger guys don't. The girls listen to me, too. Unfortunately I'm not in charge of the girls.

Oh, you KNOW I'm ready for whatever new life is coming. We should finish our convo soon.