Saturday, June 12, 2010


I find it funny that after working at my job for 2 months & thinking I was getting fired for the past month & a half, I have survived & outlasted so many other people. At least 7 people that I can think of right now have quit/been fired in the past 2 months, yet I keep trucking along like a cockroach or that contestant on "Survivor" who despite the odds never gets voted out.

Apparently 3 more people are getting fired next week: 2 of them work with my on Friday nights & the other being Love Chunks. I also find it funny how in practically every job I've ever worked, regardless of my competency or how much I perceive how much I'm liked, I work myself into a position of knowledge. I always find out things that are shaping up before they are announced. Now we'll just have to wait & see if these firings actually take place.

Tonight was a slow night. The only exciting things that happened were me backing one of the vans into an iron fence at the Narcotic's Anonymous meeting (minus clients) without any damage befalling the van (the fence wasn't so lucky) & one of the girls attempting suicide while the guys were at their meeting. When my partner for the night & I found out, we drove the guys back very slowly so they wouldn't be around when the cops were still there. Homegirl got Baker Acted, too. Dem's is da breaks.


Rebecca J-G said...

I mentioned to your mom today how neat it was that you have seniority now...after 2 months. She was laughing so hard she choked.

Andrew said...

She didn't tell me you guys talked about it, but I did talk to her about that fact & she thinks it's hilarious.