Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Mission

It has come to my attention recently (but not for the first time) that I really am not interested in anything. All I do is exist, basically. No hobbies. Nothing. My life consists of school, work, school work, sleeping, internetting, moping, & the occasional reading for pleasure.

My mission: find out what I like to do. Besides talking, because I love that. Find some hobbies. Develop some interests. And who knows, maybe I will get some direction for my life through this.

I've also decided to limit communication with my parents for a while. I definitely think it's the best thing for right now. Besides, if I don't initiate with my dad I won't talk to him for ages & my mom is pretty hit or miss. I just don't need their special brand of "support" right now.


Rebecca J-G said...

I think you may be onto something, bud! You do need to find something you love to do...and I think writing is something you are great my limited experience with your wit and prose.
Don't give up the ship. Do you have a camera? A lot of your pics are good...give yourself a chance to try out a few things. Something may surprise you. Don't give up reading for pleasure either. That can also open your mind to new possibilities.
As for your comment about the folks, you may be right on target there too. In fact, I think this blog post is very insightful on your part. There may be a light at the end of your fuzzy tunnel, at least, I'm seeing a flicker!
Love you...seriously~ <3

Andrew said...

:) Obviously, don't say anything to my parents about what I said here.

At age Almost 24, I may just now begin to live.

Rebecca J-G said...

You squirrel!! You should know that I will NOT say anything to your folks. I'm on your side, Vandrew! I want the best for you and I want it NOW!! I'll be praying too. Something's up, I'm sure of it. Let me know when the future brightens up, I wanna be there....

Andrew said...

Will definitely tell you.